Tuesday, December 20, 2005

life is a highway....

I wanna ride it all night long.

Takes me back to days driving around in the jeep - top and doors off... wind blowing the hair every which way.

Ok... so this emotional highway that I'm on. hehehe.

A while back I wrote about how I'd been trying to find a long lost friend from my Kentucky days. He was at med school at the time, and we'd do all sorts of wacky things together. Ice skating, the opera, hockey games. He was a blast to have around, and was just always someone I really appreciated.
He flew out to San Fran to stay just before I flew back to NZ, and at the time I was abit of a stressed out monkey.
It was still fantastic hanging out with him.... but I probably didn't make as much of the situation as I should have. Especially in hind sight.

I lost him.

I've spent much of this year trying to track him down. I rang the hospital where he did his residency in Wyoming, a clinic in Kentucky. It was pretty hillarious, and upon looking back on it - had similarities to a stalker.

I found him today.

Actually online.

We chatted for a couple of hours about this and that.... and it was so good. I had wanted to apologise for the time that he was over, and just the way I wasn't my normal relaxed self. 6 years later... and I finally did. Of course, he said he had understood - and would always remember me as the relaxed one. :)

I hope that I don't loose him again. But, if I do, I at least had the opportunity to tell him that he was important to me, that I missed him, and thought of him often.

That was important to me.


mreddie said...

Good for you, I'm glad that it turned out well. Back last year I also tracked down a friend online that I had't seen in about 30 years. He was living in Florida, but still came back this way occasionally. We met up at a Waffle House again about a year ago and it took us about 3 hours to catch up. We are still in contact by phone and email. The electronic world is a strange but mostly good place. ec

Neo said...



Jayleigh said...


CJ, you're the sweetest gal alive... plus I adore that song.

You have such a giving heart.

Using up the words.... said...

Mr Eddie ~ Isn't it exciting when you find people from your past, and there is still that connection that makes catching up easy. I'm so glad you found your friend. 30 years in 3 hours is impressive. hehe.
And yes... mostly good.

Neo ~ hmmmmmm... I admit my behaviour was a little out of the ordinary. You wouldn't go to extremes to find someone you cared about?

Jayleigh ~ Thanks, you. Somehow you always make my bizarre behaviour ok. While no one else may understand, I'm glad that you do.