Tuesday, December 06, 2005


So, tickets went on sale yesterday for U2, who will be over here for a concert, March 17th. I didn't have the money to buy a ticket, and figured that the tickets would sell out pretty quickly.... but in under 2 hours.
They announced that there would be a second concert - on the 18th, and the tickets will go on sale next Monday. I'm away from Sunday, and won't be anywhere to get a ticket. That, and I don't really have anyone to go with. Last time I saw them was in Columbus, Ohio for their POP tour. Awesome night, but I'd gone along with a German and Irish friend, and they were more interested in getting stoned.... so I stood and watched the concert, screaming my head off by myself. Yeah, I know it's a concert, and what the hell do you need company for - but.... I'm actually sick of doing all these things on my own. I want to have someone around for afterwards when you can say,... yeah, and when they sang... woweeeeeeeee! :)

So... I need to check out flights to Auckland, and seek out that crazy person who will want to go along with me before next Monday, when I'll then have to find someone to buy the tickets too. hehehee.

All out - I'll be around $500 out of pocket to get there..... do I go? I love the guys... but I could go and do a weeks kayaking in Abel Tasman for the same price.
Ahh well.


My Mouth said...

If you can afford it, go. U2 rocks. Getting stoned sucks, though.

mreddie said...

I know what you mean about having someone go with you. The concert experience can be great, but it's better to have someone to share and act crazy with - especially one that is still able to stand when it's over.

Sometimes any decision can be tough, but one like that is even worse. ec

Using up the words.... said...

Mr Eddie ~
Yes... having someone that actually knows what's been going on is a HUGE bonus. I had no idea that they would be like that. Seemed such a waste. But each to their own. This time.... I'll choose wisely.

I think the whole finding someone to go with me will pretty much dictate whether it will happen. Will keep you posted. Kayaking is always a good thing to do too... :)

Neo said...

UUTW -I dropped 250 bucks for NIN tickets this summer. It didn't matter I was going to that show.

When in doubt flip a coin. :)

I know the feeling about going alone too. I have tickets to the Cure a few years back and I couldn't get anyone to go with me. I ended up selling my spare ticket at the gate. Oh well, it was extra beer money. ;)

Using up the words.... said...

Neo ~ hehe. The Cure? How could anyone refuse to go? Some people.... but hey, more beer money.
I was like that for a Sarah McLachlan concert. I'd been chatting online with someone in Cincinnati where the concert was, and while he'd never heard of her (back in early 98) he figured he had nothing to loose. What a way to meet someone. Ended up being one of the best concerts I've been to, and he loved her.
Hopefully it won't come to such madness?!

Jayleigh said...

I think I'd go to the concert... Maybe!


Thanks for your encouraging comments and emails. I have been too busy to think, but not too busy to pray for you my friend.

Using up the words.... said...

Thanks, Jayleigh.
Still haven't managed to get ahold of Ben, and I left a message for Shane - but no joy.
Mike's more interested in seeing Coldplay in Australia... and then of course, I don't think Kate would appreciate me going to a concert with him. hehe. None of the girl friends want to go!

Appreciate your prayers...
flying back your way!