Thursday, December 08, 2005

name sake....

I'm often asked what CJ stands for.
And there is a stuborn part of me that doesn't want to open up and tell people.

I am CJ. All my close friends, bar one call me CJ, and alot of them probably have no idea what my real name is.
Of course... I'm someone else at work. hehehe

Yes... I have an alter ego.

Let me introduce myself.
I'm Christina Jane.

My Name had to be Christina, though my mother wanted to spell it with a K to be different, but my dad had it in his head that he wanted a CJ. As it happened he followed it with a DJ and an AJ, Tam is the only one who didn't get it. hehe. Of course, I'm the only one that gets called by their initials.

So... my name had to be Christina. It's been a tradition in my mothers family... the name goes from first to second name to first...

My grandmother was Christina Mary, my mother, Bridget Christina, and myself... Christina Jane. So, should I ever have a daughter - her middle name will be Christina.

Do you know how hard it is to find a name that works well with Christina as the middle name? hehehe. Not that I need to worry about that one right now.

My Grandmother was known as Tina, and I was known as Christy to her, my aunts and mother. I couldn't imagine EVER being called Tina. Pity the poor person that ever try it. I have enough problems with people calling me Christine. I really went into CJ mode when I moved over to the States. It was while I was very angry at God for so many different things - but mostly my grandmother dying. And I didn't want to be reminded of her by being called Christina. I know... odd, but just one of those things. I've been CJ ever since with friends. I only really got back into Christina when I started working over here, especially with my teaching. While CJ suits me, it's not particularly professional. hehe.

The only friend in my life that calls me Chris would be Nig... but then, he also calls me chook. :P

Now I get all confused answering the phone.... who am I? hehehe. If I answer CJ, so people question it, and if I answer Christina, the other's are confused. Classic, huh.
Either way... I like it!


mreddie said...

Great story, I don't think I had heard of passing the name from first name, to second name and then back to first - that's neat.

My wife's middle name is Evon and we gave that to our younger daughter as second name and she passed it on to her daughter as second name. Then all three of her boys have family names as well.

I was named after my maternal grandparents, she was Georgia and he was Edward - I came out to be George Eddie.

I can relate just a bit with being angry with God, though mine was more just a running away from God for several years when I was MUCH younger. I'm so glad He found me though. Keep up the good words. ec

Neo said...

UUTW -So does that mean I can stop calling UUTW?

It always felt impersonal.

Using up the words.... said...

Mr Eddie ~ So, do you get called by your second name as well? My second brother - the reject in the J department was named Philip Tamati Manga, but is known as Tamati to everyone. Managa was my Father's Father's name, so he got one of the family names too, and as it turns out, he was an Anglican Vicar - so Tamati is certainly following in his footsteps. I wonder how I'm like my granny?

I love the name Edward. It certainly has a regal sound to it, but then Eddie is just so cute. :)

Yeah... running away from God doesn't tend to work so well. He's always there, holding us in the palm of his hand.

Neo ~ I thought it was funny seeing you call me CJ on your blog, and then seeing you call me UUTW on here. I'd much rather you called me CJ. :) Hope the sun is out over your way.

Eddo said...

Everyone gets angry with God, he is like a parent and we get angry with parents as well - the difference is our parents are often wrong and God is never wrong.

It is nice to meet you CJ, thanks for stopping by Posted Note!

Using up the words.... said...

Eddo ~ wow, you found me quickly.
Thanks for droping by. :)

Yes, your right.... I think I've grown up alot since then. I don't find myself getting mad at God, but with myself for not walking the right path. He only wants the best for our lives.
Take care.

Snaggle Tooth said...

I've seen the Chris--- name phenomenon in action!
I have a daughter her father named Christine, who was called Crissy, Chris, Christina, Tina, depending on what she told the person! She enjoyed changing identities!

Then she has a cousin Kristen, friends named Crystal, Christy! One of her friends has a son, Christopher, who they call "Tofer!"

For about 5 generations (or more) on my dad's side the oldest boys were named alternately Charles and Donald (diff mid-names) until my Bro Donald, messed it up by not using Charles to name any of his boys, but one other branch nephew has it for Mid-name...
I made up my own nick-name too, but sorry I'm still anon in blogland for now!

Jayleigh said...

You're SO CUTE!!!!

Thanks for sharing!


Feeling better today!

TaB said...

Better late than never, here I am fresh in from the puzzle factory aka my work hehe.

You have the most beautiful name CJ, its fly and pimpin, but with a sweet edge, much like its owner.
I love it xoxo