Sunday, December 18, 2005


"Christians are somehow prone to talking more about where they’ve been instead of where they are. Very few people want to speak up while they are in process… They’d rather wait until their junk is resolved, so they can give a “testimony” about the happy ending. As it relates to your writing, please don’t feel the need to tie it up with a bow at the end." Brad O’Donnell

Hmmmmmmm.... funny concept to think that all of our junk is ever all resolved?! :)
I like it.... but don't think it happens..... that is, until we come face to face with our maker. :)


Morgan said...

i totally agree! I don't think there is any possible way to have it all grasped until God allows for you to.

Hope you're well! Merry Christmas if I don't talk to you before!!! ;o) **HUGS**

Snaggle Tooth said...

The process is supposed to be the fun part of the journey...

Using up the words.... said...

Morgs ~ Hope you have a wonderful Christmas too!! Will have to have a good catch up when I get home. What are you doing for Christmas?

Snaggle ~ I agree, totally... it's all about the journey... though in this case, the destination is pretty awesome too. hehehe.

Morgan said...

Heading to Georgia to see my mom. My big bro and his wife are driving down Friday morning from DC and then we're leaving around 9a to drive to Macon. Unfortunately we'll probably hit rush hour in Atlanta around 5 or 6...not looking forward to that...but we should still be there by 8 or so in the evening.

Enjoy your Christmas and take your time catching up! Goodness knows I do! LOL! *hugs*