Thursday, December 22, 2005


I was thinking back to my old "Thankful" jounral that I used to have.....
I need to start that up again. I feel like the bad is consuming me, and I'm missing out on the blessed.
And I don't mean that in a... I'm being down, and out about life and everything in it kinda way. I mean that it's always easier to see the bleak, and I just want to spend less time thinking about that! And at the same time, open my eyes a little wider to take in the awesome. :)

So... Four things that stand out for me today....

* Incredible weather. The changes that happen... the fact that I got to see the lightening this afternoon as I was driving around. I could have very easily have missed it, but I didn't. And I so love lightening. The fact that God obviously knows that. ;) hehe

* Surprising thoughtful moments from people that you don't know well.

* The ability and funds to be able to bless someone else... to see beyond my needs, and my wants and realise I do have excess.

* That I get to jump on a plane in 2 sleeps and fly into a city, to be met by one of my family memebers where I will be given a car to drive North for an amazing family gathering. To top that.... it will be a gathering where we will all be celebrating, and remembering what the reason for this Holyday is.

I've been listening to Mark Schultz new cd... and am absolutely loving it!! His latest song "I AM" is one that I have been blasting while I've been driving around the city centre.... amongst all the frustrated drivers.... singing as loudly as I can - and just not caring, except to know that God is watching, and no doubt laughing away at me. I can handle that.

Listen to it!!
Better yet, get the cd!! and watch the dvd, and then let me know if you cry too! hehehe.

"I am the fountain of living water. The risen son of man, the healer of the broken, and when you cry I am, your saviour and redeemer who bore the sin of man. The author and perfector, beginning and the end!"


mreddie said...

The enemy of our soul will pull a veil of sorrow/regret/disappointment over our eyes to keep us from seeing clearly the blessings of God if we allow him.

The stormy weather affects me in very strange ways as well. I have stood at our front entrance, protected on three sides, watching the storm and even moved to tears in awe and amazement at the power and work of His hands.

I find myself in anticipation of reading about your family Christmas celebration. I want to hear a joy by joy account, even if you have to take notes. :)

I listened to the cut of the music and it really sounds good, music about my Savior also has the effect of bringing me to tears at times, entering into that worship place with the artist. I can't help but believe that God delights in the worship of His children, even those of us that aren't particularly melodious. :) ec

Neo said...

CJ -I know how you feel. Holidays always get me down a little. I'll be alright by the new year though!

Have a safe and blessed Christmas.



- Neo

Using up the words.... said...

Mr Eddie ~ hehe.
Yes, the enemy certainly does try everything out!! I can't help but remember what someone said to me. "Satan wouldn't try and take you out if you were no threat to his plans." That in itself should have me jumping around the house... knowing full well that there is a plan for my life, and God is wanting me to keep focused and ready to do all I can to grow His Kingdom, and not get pulled down by all the lies that would be easy to listen to.
I used to love the 3pm summer thunderstorms in Alabama. Just amazing!!
I'll do my best to remember everything that happens on the day, and will think about the whole notes idea - but I do believe my notes will be in the form of my camera. I'm pretty good at looking back at photo's and remembering the whole story that goes along with it. Perhaps my story will be completely illustrated one. :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the cut. I must say I'm easily moved to tears when it comes to songs about God. That one pretty much gets me everytime these days. So gorgeous! And yes.... he certainly delights in all of us, regardless of our singing abilities! :)

Neo ~ What are you doing for Christmas? Doing another amazing turkey? Will you have anyone to spend it with?
I'll be thinking of you... sending loads of warm fuzzies and prayers your way.
Have a most blessed day, and of course - praying that this next year is the best yet!!


Mella said...

Merry Merry Merry Christmas CJ!

I hope you have a most wonderful journey to visit your family and that you have time to stop and enjoy on all of the blessings that God has provided for you (and will continue to provide) He is good.

(and I think He laughs at me when I sing too...I dance a little too, but only for him. It's not pretty. But I'm sure he gets a kick out of it.)

Using up the words.... said...

Mella ~ Merry Merry Merry Christmas to you too!!!!

I hope you have a day and year that are just filled with HUGE blessings.... especially the super obvious ones. :) And yes, our God is Good!

I like to think that God appreciates a good laugh... so DANCE, SING and LAUGH! It's up to us, the wacky ones to be true servants. hehehe.

Warmest wishes.... from sunny aotearoa.