Saturday, December 03, 2005

the story continues....

I talked to Mike this morning. Yes, he woke me up before 7 on a Saturday morning!! hehe. Doesn't bother me being woken up, though I know that I'm going to be feeling sleepy tomorrow morning, for sure.

He'd read my blog yesterday... and had something to say about my whole "Mike Bashing" entry.
Of course, I was instructed to write something here.... but I can't remember. hehe. Can I blame it on my sleepy state. Won't go down well, but I'll do it when I remember what I was going to write.
For now... I guess an apology of sorts will feature here....

He challenged me when I started writing my blog to be open and honest about how I was feeling - and that was certainly a fine display of honesty, so he can't get mad at that, but he does feel as though I neglected to mention any of the good stuff. hehe. Poor Mike.
Good stuff.... he is a good guy, and I know that he didn't mean to make me feel small by mentioning the whole briscoes thing to me.... yes, he should know when I'm needing a little more support, but I should be less sensitive.

Ahhhhhhh... it's over and done with, really. He's a good guy.... and I still miss him, in his removed like status, which I've kind of stuck him in. (I'm sure that makes a whole pile of sense.)
I know he'll listen to me, and give me real words, not the whole made up stuff to try and make me feel better - and in all honesty, I appreciate that about him, but I do wish he'd figure out when I need abit more.

So..... Sir Mike.... I'm sorry..... Now, hurry up and get your name so you can write comments for rebuttals yourself.


mreddie said...

Wow, a three-in-one day. Hopefully Mike feels better now and can go on to higher heights and deeper depths (I heard that admonishment somewhere, maybe in church). Go for it Mike!

I hate to sound dumb, but is there symbolism in the red on the dark background of "Love" and "Peace"? My mind recognizes some but I'm not sure they are the ones you meant.

Good flower, almost seems 3-D. ec

Using up the words.... said...

Mr Eddie ~
Hopefully Mike does feel better now. And I like that - going to higher heights and deeper depths. Sounds like a good space to be in.

Colours.... I'm sure there is some deep symbolism in the colour choice, but it really came down to me feeling that the colours were suited to the words. My art history days feel so long ago, but I'll have to go and dig around and see what I can find out.

Hope you've been having a good weekend.

Snaggle Tooth said...

Any colour which makes you think n feel different things works in art, no matter the symbolism some one else says it is... it's what it means to the viewer!
I had an unbelievable 6 semesters of Art History, n still mis-spell the names!

The point of "blog," is not to please Mike, but to vent whatever you'd like too, at the time!
If ya havta worry all the time of who may be offended, ya wouldn't write at all!

a simple "I'm sorry, but..." should suffice. I've offended relatives at times myself, though it's purely unintentional, just expressing myself, easy to do, apparently!

I hope Mike understands... hope I didn't asdd to it...