Tuesday, December 20, 2005

in the end....

I managed to get my room completely cleaned up - minus clothes that I can't find a home for... and all before ben arrived.

He arrived with all the groceries to cook up a storm, and I was very well behaved. I mainly kept out of the kitchen while he cooked. He hates me coming in and taking over, which is something I can get a little carried away with in my helpfulness.

And... have to say..... it was a pretty good meal. :) My stomach handled the venison, which was all good. Funny, I can handle the taste of meat, but it's often after eating it that I really regret it. I don't enjoy the taste enough to go through the aftermath. Still... survived, and now, hopefully my iron level is up a little bit. hehehe.

After dinner we went and saw Narnia. It was a pretty good movie.... and totally cool to recognise alot of the scenes as ones that I'm always driving past on my trips. hehehe.
Alas - I didn't realise how long the movie was. Ben had wanted to see King Kong - but we were both put off by the 3 hours. Narnia wasn't that much shorter! hehehe.

Anyway... it was nice to hang out with him... and he liked his Christmas present too. I felt horribly self-conscious giving him one of my photos that I had blown up, and framed for him. Ahhh.... good old rejection I guess. Anyway - he loved it.

Guess what... more gingerbread men are waiting to be made. This really will be the last of them though. REALLY! :)

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