Friday, December 16, 2005

so it is....

One of my stops on the way to Hanmer.... historic walk where there was once a train track.

Another fairly quiet week away.
Got to catch up with J&J up in Nelson. Actually ended up going out there after work and gardening with them. Nice to have company and people to talk to for a while. Plus - my favourite time of day to be out there pulling out the weeds - early evening/dusk.
I'd made some whipped shortbread to take up for some clients and for them. So we sat out on the deck and had high tea.

Ains has been wanting me to meet a friend of hers up there for ages. A guy that she did her nursing training with. We finally got to go out and have coffee together. Kind of funny meeting some stranger again, like that. I haven't been brave enough to meet someone that I don't know in a long time. (Does that make any sense?) I guess my self confidence is still hanging around my ankles. It's not that I don't love meeting people either. Anyway.... it was nice meeting him, and knowing that there is someone else I can ring when I'm up that way. We sat over coffee and talked music for pretty much the whole time. He had even managed to get tickets to the U2 concert. hehehe. alas, was not gentlemanly enough to ask if I would like to go with him.

I got back yesterday in time to help Ains out with her Mexicana party. Was complete madness when she eventually got home. Jackie and I were abit miffed - but managed to pull everything together, and she had a great night which was the aim. Just realised again how differently we all deal with situations, and how different our gifts are too.

Now... I'm zonked! And meeting a friend from teacher's college days for breakfast bright and early tomorrow. Really looking forward to catching up. I've asked if I can do some reading programmes with his class next year - just so I don't completely forget what I learnt... should the desire to ever teach again come and hit me over the head. I don't think it's likely.... though I have been thinking about the whole youth worker type stuff again. Nothing serious - promise. Just thoughts.

Lots of thoughts. And I'm really just looking for that light.... at the end of the tunnel.

Anything I've ever done that was ultimately worthwhile.... initially scared me to death.


Neo said...

CJ -Sounds like you've busy. Too bad you missed the U2 show.


Morgan said...

DIGGIN' that pic up there of the tunnel!!!!!! HI!!! how are you??? **HUGS**

Using up the words.... said...

Neo ~ U2 show is in March... there is still hope, though slim. hehe. And as some wise person once said to me... there's time for sleeping when your dead, dude! :)

Morgs ~ Hey stranger!!! getting better here. I passed by my horses (that just died) sister the other day and just cried bucket loads. I guess at least she'll be able to eat to her hearts content now... horsey heaven? :) Hope you are all good!! *hugs*

Jayleigh said...

Yeah it's a great pic.

Sounds like you had a busy/hectic/fun time with friends.


mreddie said...

Good symbolism with the tunnel pic - with the light at the other end of the tunnel. ec

Using up the words.... said...

Mr Eddie ~ I'm glad you appreciated my symbolism. :) I got the pic printed today - and it looks pretty good too.

Morgan said...

aw, i am so sorry to hear that!!!! Well, she will have a friend up there with Comanche. :o) He was always fond of the ladies, so he'll take good care of her. ;oD **hugs**

Snaggle Tooth said...

I actually have an etching I made of a dark tunnel perspective with people at each end (who may be seeking each other, One is holding a lamp n one IS the light at the end) hanging right over me as I'm typing this...
Nice metaphor! and pic.
Got a spiritual herd goin on, soundz like.

Using up the words.... said...

Snaggle ~ I'd love to see your etching!!!! PLEASE!!! :)
I'm forever questioning everything...... you'd think I'd get tired, huh.