Monday, December 19, 2005


I'm sure it's an art form that I am mastering. hehehe.

I was about to take a pic of my room - but decided I would just hang my head in absolute shame at what it's become... so, instead, I'll take a pic once I've finished the rehaul!

I know that all my comings and goings don't make it easy to keep everything in place - also, I have an issue with some of my storage space, being that it got VERY DAMP over the winter, so I have clothes everywhere, and nowhere to put them. Trust me, my room is rather unique as far as not having a wall to put anything on - besides the one that my bed is on. hehehe. I have a bookcase which runs along one wall - with my desk in the middle.... huge window seat runs along another wall, then two cupboards, and some wacky shelf thing that takes up all of the other wall. I love the room itself... but gets a little frustrating at times.

So... I guess I'd better jump to it. Could turn out to be an all day project yet. hehehe. And Ben is coming round to cook me a scruptious dinner tonight. My first experience with Venison. Pray that my stomach can handle it - and that I don't jump on the defenssive with him. I haven't seen him in MONTHS, and I just don't think he gets that I miss him.

I was thinking about the way people show their value for others. (hope that makes sense) I often think that the people that mean the most to me, are completely oblivious to the fact, and I mean very little to them. Could just be a pity party? That, and I'm just feeling a little more raw than I should. Emotions are high, and I'm feeling vulnerable and scared. hehehe. The things I do. I'd rather live on the edge and put everything into relationships....

"It is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved....." I pretty much apply that to everything that i jump into. My heart is on my sleeve... and while it gets a little bruised sometimes - on my sleeve it will stay.

Sorry.... rambling. Must need coffee before I start this mamoth task. hehehe!


Snaggle Tooth said...

Good luck with the venison,I haven't had any since I was young. Don't remember it.

If ya never stick yourself out there, ya never find some one to love either! So risky!

mreddie said...

If you are not open to love, you will never be hurt in that area but then you will never have the joy either.

Venison huh, let us know how that turns out - it wasn't Bambi was it?

About the room, you could install a pipe across the ceiling - plenty of room to hang clothes. Or perhaps you could get an exercise bike and hang clothes on that. ec

Using up the words.... said...

Ahhhhh... the joys of love. And I mean that for friends as well.

And yes, without putting yourself on the line, you do miss out on a whole lot of joy.

The venison was ok. I survived. The kitchen is still a mess from it all though! I was more interested in catching up with ben then on the dishes. Will get to those now though.

Exercise bike. HEHEHE. Great idea Mr Eddie! What about a rocking horse?