Thursday, December 22, 2005

Princess Beatrice

"Ms Bea"

The jeep that we drove up to Canada in. It survived the oil in the transmission freezing, and the whole non-stop drive back to the Bay Area.... which is all a total blur to me now. All I remember is that I somehow managed to be the one driving whenever we went into the next State. hehehehe

And this is what happens when a jeep breaks down on me in a dinky little town. (Canmore) Lucky for me, I found some paints, and got to work! :) hehehe. It was amazing the attention we got when we were back in the Bay Area. Met SOOOOO many Kiwi's because of the art work.


Bar Bar A said...

This is sooooooooooo cool! I love her paint job!

Jayleigh said...


mreddie said...

Pretty decent set of wheels there! ec

Using up the words.... said...

Wellwoman..... it was very cool - though I should probably have mentioned that she had the flames long before I came along. And when I was first told about them, I cringed at the idea.... but after seeing her - GORGEOUS!! hehehe.
At the top of the jerry can on the left it has Aotearoa which is Maori for New Zealand - meaning Land of the Long White Cloud... and at the bottom of the one on the right it had Kiwi's on it. hehehe. Lots of fun.

Jay ~ hehehe... I thought so. She would be absolutely perfect for driving around over here... so have days where I miss her alot. Think she's parked in a barn somewhere in Oregon now? Would so love to do a trip across the states in her. Maybe one day?

Mr Eddie ~ You may be impressed to hear that I helped to put a new engine in that baby! hehe. Crawled under the beast many a time - in snow too once. The gear shaft would sometimes pop out. Annoying as. hehe. Also the first thing I ever changed the oil in. 1952 CJ2 I think it was.... based on the old army one - just missing the snorkle that the army one god. We stuck a Ford V8 in it when the engine died.

Certainly beats the Japaness cars I've landed myself with. hehe. I much prefer the older cars, where you can look under the hood and not need a computer to tell you what is wrong with it!

Neo said...

CJ -She's so tiny! ;)

Using up the words.... said...

Neo ~ HA! You should see how much stuff we managed to fit in the back of that baby when we moved back to the Bay Area. I do agree - if I was only to have one car - I think I'd have to pick my stationwagon. I don't see the point in having a car that I can't lug people and their stuff around in. :)
But Bea was a LOAD of fun!!