Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Spent yesterday curled up in a ball... well, all afternoon anyway. Totally misearble. And when I asked Mike to read me a story, I was rebuffed. Cried out for my mother... who alas, obviously didn't hear my cries. So fell asleep. When I woke it was for a phone call. I eventually stumbled out of bed to be met by such smells from the living room. Now, some of you may understand when I say that the sweet smells of dinner cooking away just made me feel worse, and I made yet another visit to the bathroom. ARHG! Took some pain killers praying that they would stay down, and I would sleep again. I didn't like my chances.... but as I lay there praying that I would not only sleep, but wake up able to go to a meeting that i had set up a while ago out in Rangiora. I woke up this morning able to move, and with absolutely no stomach pains. It was awesome. A tractor had still met with me in the night, but not to waltz, as Mike asked. I showered, pain killered up, and went out to have a great meeting.
I made the fatal error of eating when I eventually got back home, but I was starving, knowing full well that I hadn't actually kept anything down in the last 32 hours. Was a silly mistake to make. My stomach is still complaining rather loudly. And now, the pain killers have worn off.... and I need to go and buy some more. hahaha. Trials and tribulations.

And yet, I've just finished reading a journal entry about Katrina.... and how it has affected this young lady. She ended it all with the words of Brittany Dillons song from her new album....

"whatever's in front of me, help me to sing hallelujah.."

So... as I go to pick up my pain killers - because I have a car, and can drive to the grocery store, but pain killers, and then come back to my warm bed in a clean house..... let me remember that I am so blessed, and have so much more to be thankful for in my life.

Help me to sing hallelujah!

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