Friday, September 02, 2005

shades of...

So... as I was driving up to Blenheim, the beloved coast just outside of Kaikoura put on quite a display for me. It was a great night..... peaceful, but I was still super tired from the 4am airport trip the day before. Hence the evening photo really. I should have been in Blenheim by this time. hahaha.

Arrived home late this afternoon - driving back from the West Coast, which is just like another world. It really is something else. So green...and, well.... wet!

It rained pretty much the whole time I was there, and the whole drive home....
I guess that means that I don't have to wash the car tomorrow though? The inside is a dissaster area though, to put it nicely.
I think I may have shocked Jackie when she got into it before. By the end of the week I honestly feel like my life is beyond controlling, and I just kind of give up, figuring I can deal with the mess when I get home.
Guess that means that I had better deal with it tomorrow. The idea that I may try and take off on the next week with it being the same is just insane! :)

The last week away was probably the toughest. No idea why, really? I got kind of grumpy - at least the most grumpy that I've felt on the job, though I think it was all just me being lonely, and not enjoying the idea of being away all of next week as well. Crazy how I let myself get wound up about something that wasn't even here yet though!

Feeling much better now that I'm home, and I know that I get to curl up into my very own bed tonight.... with my pillows.... and, I get to sleep until I want to get up too. :) and to top it all off even more..... I get to go up the hill and have my breakfast fix. Ahhhhhh... the simple things in life really do make it ALL GOOD!

I did try and play around with my camera while zooming around. It was a little more rushed than normal. I guess driving down the coast was an interesting way to do it. Missed not heading off to see Greg in Hanmer. Would have enjoyed a soak in the hot pools, that's for sure!

I'm up in Nelson again in 3 weeks, so will go through Hanmer on my way back then. My boss is coming up with me, which should be interesting. Good thing he and I get on quite well. I'm sure we'll have a good time while he's down.

Right..... I've got to go sleep. The plot must be found before I can wander up the hill tomorrow. Think I'll be going on my lonesome tomorrow too. Jackie is off to Oz for the day. HAHAHA!


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TaB said...

Oh my, cj that’s just beautiful, to think you were actually there witnessing that, thanks so much for sharing. Boy for a novice with a digital you sure are a PRO! What an eye for splendour.

So true, your own bed and pillow, boy I hear that too.

Right, I have decided, yes, I decide round here, your diary needs a map, to show us the locations you go to, because im constantly looking up locations so we need a nz map please, :)