Sunday, September 18, 2005

and so it goes....

Finished packing, which is something I guess I'm getting better at. Amazing how much I can fit into my little suitcase. Seems funny that when I head up to the farm I need SO much more. hehe.
Was just looking at flights for the wedding. Better get those booked before I take off for this next week away. Looks like I'm going to fly into Rotorua on the Friday afternoon, and then out of Hamilton on the Sunday to try and make life easier for everyone. Not sure what to do about work on the Friday - but I'll figure that one out later.
Caught up with J&K today. Haven't seen them in ages, and it was so good to hear what they've been upto. A few of us went out for lunch after church, and just yarned away. It's funny how you get the different groups of people. All the way through High School I was always able to float between groups. Had no ONE group, just went between them all, and they spanned across the years. It was very cool to be able to just fit in, and have so many different friends, but I guess looking back - was I like that just so no one would actually really know me?
It's kind of the same now. I can fit into any group of people... and I enjoy meeting and getting to know them all, but do I have just one place where I feel like I belong. Nope.
Maybe that's why I prefer having time with just one person? Or maybe that's why I feel like my time here is over? I'd like to think that I've tried... and I know that Jacx and I will always be close, but it was pretty obvious, even before she got married that she was being swept up into another group. And it's one I can always jump into on the surface, but never all the way in. Mostly because it's all the newly married couples... totally different world to mine.

Anyway.... I'm zonked, so think I may actually have an early night before tomorrow. Probably quite a good plan to start the week off wide awake. :)

bonsoir x

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