Sunday, September 11, 2005


well... took me a while, but I did get the Map of the South Island up as a link. Seems my days of writing html may have left me. hahaha. I'd love to make the time to play around some more - one of these days. I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying having my beautiful beast back up and running, and just being able to check on things, write things, pay the bills, play around with pics. How did we actually survive before the internet came and took control of our lives?
Sure I guess it does mean less human contact, but at the same time... what about all my buddies out there in the great old world of cyber?

OK - so as well as the link to the beloved south island I threw in one for my yahoo pics. Figured it would be easier to just put up a whole lot of albums there, and people could see what they like. Still have a few to get up there... my last trip and some from the farm. I'll get there

About to head off to the movies with Miss Jacx. Queen Sheeba's Pearls is calling us. I'm dressed like a sloth, and quite happy to sloth my way there, but suspect that perhaps I should make abit more of an effort. It's quite cool the way movies can be either a dress up, or dress down event. I haven't been to see a show in ages, and do miss that whole excitement. The getting dressed up for something special.

Later gators.

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