Saturday, September 24, 2005

all over...

It was kind of a strange week away.

So many blessings..... much over thinking....
and right now, I think I just want to go climb up the hill and day dream away for abit on my own.

Just loading photos onto the albums, so that I can forget about them. :) Sneaky, I know. Not too many exciting ones this week. I stayed with friends who have an organic orchard just outside of Nelson and Motueka. It's such a beautiful spot. I got there while they were both out.... so just went and wandered around the orchard at sunset.... so still and peaceful. There was a woodpigeon having a feast, so I managed to grab a few pics of that. We talked alot about Canada. Their daughter has just moved to Toronto. They had originally started in England with my parents, and then moved to Montreal.... So, I've grown up with these guys, though never had them around. Doesn't really make alot of sense - does it. hehe. They are however, fantastic and gorgeous, and I do so enjoy spending time with them.

My mother called while I was cooking dinner.... and came up with the sudden idea that they head to Canada next year for Christmas. Perfect if I'm over there! :) Failing that - guess who will be looking after the farm then. hahaha. My parents are such nutters! They went out and grabbed some cheap fares to Melbourne a while ago.... thinking they would got to the Melbourne Cup. They arrive the day of the race, haven't got tickets to the races yet, and haven't bought a return flight either! hahaha She then asked if J&J would like to come to? With such a well thought out plan, I don't know how they managed to refuse. :) Now I know that I totally inherited my parents crazy travel genes.

I had better get moving here... the fidget thing is growing.... and have loads to get done before tonight.

but first... the hill..... I'll have to try and write an Ode to my beloved hill one of the days. hehe

Hope everyone had a great week!

Toodles for now.

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