Friday, September 30, 2005


OK... so that is one cheesy picture, but I had to laugh when I saw it. No idea what I was thinking - trying to take a pic of myself anyway. Madness!

Maybe one day I'll think about trying to capture the mullet? Jacx thought I was sooo over the top yesterday with my explosion about the haircut. OK, sure I was to any normal human being - but to me... NEVER! hehehe
I feel like I've got every right to be over the top. hahaha. If for no other reason than to keep the people around me on their toes.

Jacx will be here soon... and then she can actually witness the hair in it's natural state of being. That's sticking up EVERY-WHICH-WAY! I have serious BOOF! which really just makes me laugh more than anything now. It will grow!
And I won't be feeling brave enough to go see a hairdresser again in a long time. I forgot how much I hate hairdressers.

If I had to think of anything I was actually scared of.... that would be it! A bad haircut will scare me for a LONG time!

So... enough about that one.... I am over it... really I am.... I won't need the therapy... and I will take the hats off eventually.

sunbeams and daisies.


TaB said...

Cj my angel from welly, do you wear wellies too? hehe
I have so much to catch up with, my printer is printing off as I speak.. err type.

Im thinking about cutting my hair super slick short, like very short, I had some styles done at my last set and it looked not that bad? Im terrified though.

Im supa sleepy now, but I will get to your gorgeous mails soon, and return (of the king) to read your diary. thanks for your love xoxox

>smooch< mullet hehe

Using up the words.... said...

Hey Gorgeous.
Thanks for the note. Hope you are all well, and finding loads of time for you!

Hmmm.. i don't know that I could even tell you to be brave right now with the whole haircut idea?! I know you'll look gorgeous anyway - but if you're like me, hearing people say it's ok, doesn't really matter. It's how you feel that counts, really. I guess that's been my problem my whole life?!

Believe it or not - my wellies are up on the farm. Don't have any down here in CHCH. Don't get enough rain to justify them really. Wellington is probably a different story - though more re-known for the wind.

Love, CJ