Saturday, September 03, 2005

saturday morning coffee..

Stumped... I keep trying to upload a picture of the view we didn't quite get this morning, while sipping away at our coffees, eating the decadent brioche, filled with chocolate, and berries.
No wonder I'm feeling as full as I am now... though several hours later.

Ains and I were up there for ages today... yaking about all there is to yak about. Was good to catch up with her. Jackie was off doing her training today, so didn't get up there with us. Poor thing had to be at the airport before 6 this morning, though, in retrospect - the girl was off to Brisbain for the day. How classic does that sound. Yeah.... I was in Australia for the day. hahahaha. Love it. She's super excited about her new job, and just raves about the training. Sounds like she's with a great bunch of people. She's all excited about the idea of a flat trip. Yes... we're off somewhere sunny. hahahaa.... of course, all way too poor to go anywhere just yet! Vanuatu isn't going anywhere though... of course, don't want to head that way during hurricane season. So, it can wait. There is always melbourne for a weekend. :)

Feels like it's nap time in my world, and I know I need to just make the most of these moments when they stumble along. If I don't sleep when I feel like it, I'm going to regret it next week.
Blurry eyed, and sniffly. Hay fever season is here with great gusto. That's what happens when you get such a mild winter. Shame about the lack of snow for all the skiing enthusiasts, but I don't think many people are minding the spring like weather already - and I know the lambs are loving it. Looked gorgeous with the lambs and daffodils out while I was driving around.

Right.... since I can't figure out the computer, guess I'll go snooze for abit, and tackle it all later on today.


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TaB said...

you write so beautiful do you know that? so descriptive and moving, really pulling me into the scenes with you, that’s a talent too. im not easily moved by people.

Really enjoyed my time with you tonight, but my nap’s calling me too, I’ll tackle your lovely note sometime in the next day or so :)