Sunday, September 18, 2005


The week has pretty much zoomed on by. My boss came down to catch up with me on Thursday, which was also my first day to eat. Everything went well... including the food aspect. :)

Now I just need to get abit braver with work, take some more risks, and I guess look forward to meeting my new boss.

I take off again tomorrow. Heading up North, into what looks like a week of rain. Of course I shall remain super optomistic. I haven't talked to Greg about me calling in on my way back, but hopefully he'll be around, and I can go laze in the hot pools while I'm there. Doesn't matter what the weather is like there. It will always remind me of Canada.

I talked to Nig the other night. He just took off to South America yesterday, and won't be back in the UK for over 2 months. He was super excited about it all... doing some volutry work over there for a while, which would be so cool, then backpacking his way around. He'll be back in England in Nov to find another teaching job, and then.... we thought we would catch up over his summer. So, hopefully regardless of where we both we, we'll find somewhere to hang out! He's keen to head back to Canada... and promised that he will come and find me. I wasn't the nicest friend in the world to him. Telling him exactly how it was.... he kept telling me how busy his life was, and how much he'd been doing, and how time just zoomed away from him. I just told him it was all a choice, and a reflection of his priorities. He had been telling me that he would call me since June. And while I left him messages, and sent him txts, I never heard anything from him, except the txt to say, I'll call you next weekend.... and it would never happen. Don't get me wrong, I know what busy is like, and I can totally understand time getting away from you. I just prioritise my life differently, and will always put people ahead of things. 3 months felt like long enough to let him know that he was slack. He couldn't even get around to emailing me his address so I could post his birthday present. hahaha. Silly boy!

Anyway.... told him I still loved him, and missed him lots. Was remembering back to what we flatted together over a summer at the school. It was madness. We both lived such busy lifestyles, and would go a whole week without even seeing eachother, but come the weekends.... it was always fun to catch up. laze around outside in the sun reading. I guess we've always been comfortable with silence. Not needing to talk all the time. Our crazy trips to the Port will always be such wacky memories. Playing 500 into the wee hours of the morning. John breaking the bed when we beat Nig! hahaha.... the canoe escapade which went slightly pear shaped, when we didn't bother to check the tide. Nig and I ended up on the other side of the river dragging the canoe along behind us, as we walked up to the point. It was hillarious! A Canadian Canoe on top of the hillman was quite a picture too. Shame I have no photos of any of the adventures. Great, great memories though! That bach certainly was a HUGE blessing back then.... and the fact that I was trusted to go up there with all my friends when I was so young. Brilliant stuff.

So.... my little walk down memory lane. Nig has been the one who has been around through all the big things in my life. And while I can't talk to him as much now, we still always manage to just pick up and run with it, regardless of how long it's been. When I first found out about bruce meeting someone else, I ran up to Auckland to get distracted... and Nig met me in a cafe with a huge bunch of flowers, and just let me cry. We ended up on a beach walking for miles.... watching the sea gulls, just being. I think he knew that there weren't actually any words you could use. He couldn't say that everything was going to be ok, because while you know it will be, you also know that who it can take forever before you'll feel ok again. He's been wiser than that. So, I do miss him. We haven't lived in the same city in gosh, 10 years. And maybe that's why we're such good friends still? hehehe.

He says he wants to move back to Christchurch when he gets back here... I told him that would be right... move back, and to Christchurch after I've moved! haha. He said he could probably do wellington as well though.

Right... I had better get moving. Going to be late.

Funny, I didn't even have the melancholic music playing in the background while I was writing all that. Song to suit the feelings right now.... ummmmmmm.....
Some Cure would probably do it. "Friday, I'm in love" although Mr and Mrs Flloyd might be more approriate - "We're just two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl, year after year....."

Songs will always drag me back to a place and time. Love it!


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