Sunday, September 04, 2005


what a day.
and a way to end the week!

it's all actually quite beyond me. I'm now sure how any of the pear shaped happenings came about? asking people how they are seems to be the wrong thing for me to do. i've had several people bite my head off, and been told to mind my own business by one person and told that I'm now officially "hated". for anyone who knows me, that's about the worst thing you could say to me, especially without telling me what I've done. in this case, haven't a clue. In actual fact, if anyone was going to say that, it would be me following what they had actually said to me. I don't get it.
All that came into my head was to apologise for whatever it was I'd done.
thank goodness it's monday tomorrow, and a new week can start. it can't be worse than this one.

better go pack, and get life sorted.
hope everyone has had a better weekend!

much love xx

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