Saturday, September 10, 2005

another week...

You know, for a saturday the day is going quite slowly. It's like it's almost standing still, and I am finding time to get everything done. It's nice.
Onto laundry load 3 for the day, another one to go after this one. New sheets on the bed, the room still a bomb site, and the car in dire need of a wash and clean out. Especially since it's going in for a service on Monday. hahaha. They'd love to see it looking like this, I'm sure!
Hmmmm... I still can't get posts to load onto here. ARHG! Super annoying. Any idea anyone?
Got some cool shots through the Lindis, at the lakes, and even a couple at Arrowtown. Yes... I will try and find a map of NZ so that I can link the pics to the places. Does make perfect sense!
Was up the hill on my own this morning. Got distracted this morning though, so while I was up at 8, I didn't get up there till almost 11. Called in to see my friend Jase at the Super store on the way... and got to talking about music, and a concert that I really need to get moving on if it's going to happen. November is just around the corner. ARHG! What was I thinking?!
Anyway.... it was nice to see him, and hear the news. Feel very out of it with all things music. I blame the lack of computer keeping me in the dark. Then I could also blame my job. hahaha.... maybe I just need to make more of an effort?!
So... got up the hill eventually and so enjoyed my mocha and flan thing. I was so late they had run out of brioches for me! :(
Think I may have the house to myself again tonight. How's that... go away for a week, and come home to an empty house, just when I thought all sanity had flown out the door - it gets worse.
I've got loads to do though... so hardly a bad thing. Do feel as though it's easier to just sit in my room and issolate myself from everything when I get home. Part of the whole... I'm too tired to deal with things, and it's just become habbit to be alone. Does that make sense?
Anyway.... going to play around with pics, and hopefully get a link sorted so I don't have to bomb them all on this thing. You guys can decide whether you want to see what I'm doing.
OH... and I guess I will try and update on the whole trip thing too. There was a hitch hiker this week who is well worth mentioning. :)

Peace and joy

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