Sunday, September 04, 2005


just realised that it's been 10 years since my grandmother died (my namesake) and almost a year since my nana died. probably has a little to do with my mood? but bizarre how everything else has been so bad. I'm pretty sure that I'm not projecting any of this onto the people around me.

Who knows?

maybe I need to start writing in my grateful journal again.... i know i still have much to be thankful for, it just feels pretty burried right now.

bring on the daffodils of tomorrow.... the cherries are just starting to come out along Hagley park. Hoping that I'm not going to miss the one glorious week where they are all out along this one stretch. It's just awesome to walk along there.... of course when the blossom starts to fall, that looks pretty impressive too. Jacx is hanging out for the tulips.

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TaB said...

Funny isn’t it angel, how moments can influence our moods, even if we don’t realise them. August is particularly bad for me. the entire month of it, something always goes down the pan (this time pneumonia).

Im with you on feeling distant from the wonderful things, you came into my life like a wind, beautiful and fragrant, I don’t want to see you frown. Im sure your nan was a beautiful sprit, they are always with us.

Im home now, and fixed you on my list once again, now.. I will become a pain hehe.. xoxox