Monday, September 27, 2004

i don't know....

funny moods change, stranger how it's often people that tip us over into the new mood.

I have no excuses...... only frustration, and it's not even at the person - but at myself for letting them bother me so much.


It was so good to be back at work today. Totally mad, but good to know that here was something for me to really grit my teeth into, and do well at.
Yes, maybe my being able to do something, and do it well does figure too much into how I value myself - what my own self worth is?

I've got alot to catch up on, and in all honesty I couldn't remember what I had done before I left. I had all sorts of jobs half done to a point..... and with John being away at the same time as me, it all just kind of got lost. There was a huge pile of emails for me to reply to, notes everywhere with people to call, and so many orders. There were three jobs that needed to be done by the middle of this week alone. hahaha.
The day just zoomed, and tomorrow will be more of the same.

Scored a huge job for early next year, which just blew my sox off. Thought I'd got it, but wasn't super sure. John met with the guy who would be seeing it through, and we've got everything started now. Exciting stuff.
I did mention to John that there was a possibility of me taking off to the States next year. There is a Praise and Worship conference over there in Feb.... which would be pretty awesome to attend. A friend of mine will be graduating in Cinci at the same time, I think - or passing her Bar exams around that time... and I would so love to catch up with her! I wasn't sure if I would aim for end of March - going over for my birthday, and then timing it with Easter as well. Of course, now this job is due for beginning April... so he told me to go in Jan. Would be pretty awesome if I could get over there that early!! I'm having Christmas on the farm, then need to be at work until John gets back from his holiday. I've got a cousins wedding in middle of Jan, I think... tie it all in together somehow? I don't know?

All ideas in this head of mine right now.

Spoke to Dad today..... I was actually trying desperately to find something from a supplier, and having no joy. I just happened to know that he had exactly what I needed for ballooning. Classic stuff. Of course, he got his in Canada - but a great excuse for calling him, and catching up.

Sounds like they actually had some classic times up in Auckland... all the brothers and sisters. The girls managed to have abit of a tiff. Sad... and funny..... Nana's house was sold to a neighbour so quickly, which was great for everything. It should all go through next week, and meant they didn't have to leave anything in the house, and could just get it all tidied up and finished with while they were all here.
How surreal.

Jill is busy cutting out my latest Bridesmaid dress... .yay. hahaha.. we were actually just talking about how many different outfits I need for next years line up of weddings..... how many of them will have the same crowd? haha. What thoughts. So.... figure I can have interchanging tops and skirts. Brilliant plan. :o)

So, better go see how she's getting on. JOY!

what prattles.....

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