Thursday, September 23, 2004


So.... I'm still up in Cambridge, keeping semi sane on the farm. Mum is back now with Diana, so I'm not quite so alone any more.
Dad is still up in Auckland sorting through all of Nana's things with his brother and sisters. Actually sounds like they are very organised, and getting through everything quickly. Mum is dreading the things which are going to come back down here. He has this great knack for collectiong "JUNK". he's even asked mum to bring up the horse float in the weekend. Doesn't sound like a good start! hehe
Still..... to know that he's getting to hang out with his family, and get through everything together is wonderful. He will have had 2 weeks off by the end of it all, and i think he's looking better for it.
Seeing your dad cry is something else.
The funeral was beautiful, and I know Nana would have loved it. Tamati did a reading, and shared abit about nana, as did John... Dad then spoke - with his siblings standing there with him to support him. He did an awesome job.... but you could see him struggle through some of it.

ahhhhhhh... just thinking about it makes me tear up.

Anyway... i need to sort out my flights home now. Good thing Jeremy told me to take the week off. Allergies are wreaking havok on me, as they always do up here. I need to get out of here. haha


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