Wednesday, September 15, 2004

frustration..... in Tablespoon proportions!!

What a funny ol' life this is.

Yes, i could sit here and laugh till I'm blue in the face..... but, I won't.

Mum and Diana left for Nelson today - they are supposed to be staying down there for the Wearable Arts show.... meanwhile, the whole Nana thing has thrown everything into a different kind of chaos - but as is normal in these crazy moments, I've been left with the farm to look after! How, I must ask, does this happen to me. Especially when I'm the one who lives down in Christchurch, and should be at work?!!
Dad left for Nanas yesterday, and by the sounds of thing all the kids had a good day with nana. She's struggling more with her breathing now, and not eating or drinking anything.
Yesterday was the first time I've ever seen my dad cry. Quite a moment to see him so vulnerable. Of course, I was just kept having small moments throughout the day. Waiting is hard, but at the same time.... gives you the space and time to think about things, and somehow prepare for what is coming.
I don't quite now how you prepare for what you know will bring more tears? Waterproof mascara anyone? (Yes, mine was left at home!!! )

Sorry.... sleepy here.... still sick... more antibiotics to consume....


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