Wednesday, September 01, 2004

scarlet woman

Good to know that I continue to fit into that unpredictable, and slightly abnormal mould.

Got a call from the Doctor today. She had left a message for me at home on Monday, asking me to call her, as she had got some more results from my bloods that she wanted to talk about. Dread.
It was kind of confusing, as I had spoken to her on Friday about my results, so I was kind of - huh?
Anyway.... finally got to speak to her, and low and behold - my mother was right. I had scarlet fever. NUTS!
I had scarlet fever when I was 10, and had just moved to NZ... everything was crazy at that stage. At the same time, it was all terribly romantic. I was busy watching Anne of Green Gables on tv at the time, and Gilbet Blythe had it at the same time as me. Perfect timing.
I was sick for weeks then.
So, when mum suggested that it might be that again I had to go and read up on it. Of course first problem with this diagnosis was the fact that it is mostly found in children, ages between 4 and 18. It is also very rare for someone to get it again.
So... there we have it - while I thought I just had moments of acting 18, it would seem that my body believes it is still somewhere in that age group, and will totally disregard such stats. I'm still feeling pretty run down, and certainly have my itchy moments - but otherwise... doing pretty well, considering I only had 2 days off - good thing I had the weekend in bed too. :o)

On that note.... I was so tired today - partly because ben and I were yacking way later than I have in a while, and just getting over everything. So.... just thinking I better go pick up ben and then get to bed.

Only other profound moment. Someone told me today that I was acting more like CJ again....

I have certainly been laughing more again..... why?


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