Monday, September 06, 2004

ever get the feeling?

Had cell group tonight, and I haven't been in ages. In fact, it had almost got the point where I felt pretty much out of that group, and could either take it, or leave it.

Anyway.... bit the bullet and went along. Actually was spurred on by a girl at church on Sunday. Got talking after the service with her and her husband. I'd never really talked to them before, and it was a wow. I mean nothing out of this world - but it was a conversation with people that grabbed me. I don't know how to explain it at all...... and feel like I'm not explaining it at all. I guess I've gone through this period of staying out of it... not wanting to interact with people as much as I have wanted to in the past. this kind of woke me up. There are cool people out there! I have to stop protecting myself, and believing that I have nothing to offer them.

So... was talking to her, and it gave me the motivation to just get out there again. And it was a great night.
I still need bigger things to chew on, more conversation, but it was still a good night. Got to catch up with some people I haven't seen in a while.....

Man - I'm sounding so selfish!!

There is more to it than what I get out of it!!

Meanwhile - after all of this, I realised again how important it is for me to check my attitude. If I go around grumping, I'm going to be grumpy... If I believe the worst ... it will happen!!
I'm not a super negative person, but I can have a pretty pathetic attitude at times! Crazy stuff.

A farmers mule fell into a well. Since there no way to get him out, the farmer decided to bury him there. But the mile had a different idea. Initially, when the shovels of dirt stated landing on his back, he became hysterical. Then this thought struck him; "Just shake it off, and step on it." So he did. Hour after hour, as the dirt fell on him, he kept telling himself, "Just shake it off, and step on it!"
No matter how much dirt they threw on him, he just kept shaking it off and stepping on it until finally , he stepped triumphantly out of the well.
Life will either bury or bless you; the difference lies in having the right attitude. When they throw dirt on you - and they will - just shake it off, and step on it. Use it as fertilizer and grow stronger!
~ Bob Gass

So looking forward to heading up to Auckland!! More looking forward to being on the farm!! Hanging out in the mud with the animals.... like my brothers and Mandy, all the horses!! YAY!!
Big news for Fathers Day - my little brother got engaged. Yes, David and Kirsten are getting married. Sounds like it may be in March next year... so here comes another year filled with weddings! hehe. Sounds like the first half of the year will be spent with me flying North again.
Talked to Tamati and Tessa today, who are super excited about it all. Decided we'd have to have a Whanau dinner on Sunday night so that I could meet this girl, and catch up with everyone else!! YAY!!

Benny is heading back up on Wednesday - and yes, the movie reversal is in action - only I quite want to see this movie, so all good! :o) Cheeky, huh!
He's got wisdom teeth issues right now.... poor guy. needed to talk to our wonderful resident hygenist for advice on how to deal with it all. Quite amazing the network which we've got going on around here.... need something - probably know someone who can help out! Brilliant stuff! :o)

Right.... eyes are getting blurry.....

au revoir

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