Tuesday, September 07, 2004

abit of the grumps.....

HAHA! Not a good omen to start off any blog with - right! And what was I saying about attitude being everything?!

I'm not really grumpy - aware that I am tired though, and it was a long day. Tuesday's are always alittle harder. Going straight from work to Bible School, and then catching up with Jacx afterwards.

Worship was really fun!! New songs, which were pretty hard... you realise how much you rely on the band, and there being so few of us - it's great, but hard too.
Still - i enjoy having these small groups - you can hear the harmonies, and we kind of know where the other person is going to go with the song.... just because we are tighter. Hard to get lost when there are only 4 of you. :o)
So... I'm going to stretch them abit more next week - introducing a totally new song!! WOHOO!!!
I think Jacx was a little taken aback at the idea, but I'm still keen to run with it. I just feel that it's such the appropriate song to do at VLI!!
Watch this space!!!

Managed to get through 3 quotes today. WOHOOOO!!! Was motoring through them. Managed to make one store $20K which is pretty good for a days work. haha. They were pretty pleased with it all. And here was John saying it was going to be a slow month for us. Not if I have my way. Still chassing up a couple more jobs that I would really like to get..... especially if I'm not going to be doing this for long.
Fun fun!
Shane was very despondent at the idea of me not being around to work for them. He doesn't even know John - but was just..... oh..... what an inconvenience! haha. nice to know that he's going to miss me. Actually - he's talking about coming down in a couple of weeks... so will be good to catch up with him then. Drag him off to church. :o) Figure it will help him to see where the Rock is heading.... get a bigger picture!

Righty ho... better go grab some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs


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