Saturday, September 18, 2004

tum te tum....

Just home from catching up with a couple of the cousins....

Alex came home this afternoon, and we both ended up zonking out completely. I woke up just after 6, and honestly thought it was tomorrow morning. Freaked out of bed when I realised what time it really was, and we were supposed to be in Hamilton at 7. NUTS! Still had to feed the calves too.

All was good, and we headed out for Indian. (Believe it or not.... was not even my choice, but everone else was craving it for a change!) Very yummy - though I'm so full now. Alex is just getting ready for work, and while I'm semi awake, know I will crash as soon as I get into bed. Can't quite figure out why I'm still not feeling well. Is it just everything that is going on here, or what?
Read Dad's speach that he's written to read at nana's funeral. Very sweet. Seems I'm really seeing another side of Dad here. Showing much more emotion than is normal - though i know is always there. He's such a softie.
I've been left with the funeral order to get done... tomorrow? I'm really itching to do some painting around the house too though. Need to get down to the hardware store tomorrow to pick up some stuff. I don't think I'm really going to get much painting done.... but I can get some filling done, no worries.

No animals have died on me yet! YEHAAAAA. When mum left I told her I would take no responsibility for any dead goats - which is typically what dies on me while I'm here alone. No idea why - and yes, a coincidence to the core, but certainly not something that I enjoy happening while I'm here.

Anyway.... should go sleep.....
I've had no huge big thoughts that I need to get out there.... though I am perhaps a wee bit on the lonely side here. besides Mandy, there isn't really anyone around to listen to my prattling.... and Mandy being a dog and all, doesn't really offer a whole lot of wisdom. (Or maybe I just lack understanding?)


life is.

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