Friday, September 24, 2004

home sweet home....

Righty ho....

Slowly getting over the hay fever episodes which always seem to take over when I head North to spend time on the farm. It's quite classic..... people ask what I'm so allergic to up there.... simple really. My Brothers! :o)

Really, I have no idea..... Cambridge isn't anywhere near the ocean, so I wonder if all the pollen just hangs around alot more there? Whatever it is..... I'm obviously not meant to live there!

Had a fantastic flight from Hamilton to Wellington. Nice early flight, and wow, I've never experiences a plane wobbling from side to side before we had even left the runway! Great amount of turbulance for the first half of the flight. I didn't think they would ever be able to serve coffee. Better than a rollercoaster today. The landing to Wellington was pretty tame really in comparison. The flight to Christchurch from Wellington was very quiet. I even got two seats to myself.

So, after planning on heading North for 4 days, 2 weeks later I return.

2 weeks of perhaps avoiding thinking, because thinking just blew my mind. hahaha That probably makes no sense. I left with this job being my main thought, and stupidly thinking that, once I'd figured out that aspect, I could then figure out the rest of my life. It never works that way. And today I was reading about how we so often wonder through life saying - once this area of my life is sorted out I can think about these other things.... but we need to just grab everything and work on it now!!
The conditions will never be perfect, and comfortable enough for us to feel that we can "safely" figure out the other areas of our life. It's a wonderful thought, but we could spend all our lives waiting for those so called conditions to come along. I want to live seriously, now!

So..... while the job kind of got blown out of the water, the realisation that I did love my job so much has surfaced again, and perhaps the passion that had kind of dwindled with the idea that they really didn't want me doing it is back! I need to figure out a way to convince the head office that this is not a waste, and a position that needs to be there. But I'm more aware of the fact that it needs to be there idea. Typical, huh.
I went into work this afternoon... feeling very clogged up, but ready to see the chaos that had mounted up while I was away. The manager of the store just said my boss has been running around like a headless chicken, super stressed with everything he's been trying to get done. Poor guy. I really did leave him in the lurch, and with so many jobs on the go. I had a massive stack of notes telling me to call people. Shane had called me the other day on my cell to see what was going on. haha. I know he was really checking up on me to see how I was doing, but also wondered about a job that he'd talked to John about. Nothing had happened yet. I asked if they realised that they actually needed me there..... the manager said he was very aware of it - but head office didn't have a clue.

So... abit of an issue... but i will get a contract sorted out!

Ahhhh... I'm prattling big time.....

My head is still kind of swimming - not being able to sit down and just write was getting to me while I was home. Had to revert to the old journal, and writing things at night instead. All good.

Right..... while it's still very early, think I'm going to go relish in the joys of being home, and having my own bed again! Ahhhhhhhh... blissssssss

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