Sunday, January 29, 2006

hot and sunny!

Just got home from driving around looking at house with my flatmate, Jackie. We originally left the house for me to post a letter, and get some coffee, but ended up picking up a realestate magazine, and then zooming around. 4 hours later, I'm home. :)

I love days where you have the freedom to do things like that. Sure, I've got washing to do and packing for the next week.... but I'm adament about grabbing the moments to share with people, and to just go with the flow.

Jackie and I hardly see eachother these days - what with her crazy schedule we often find ourselves saying "see ya.... ummmmmmm?"
We've both had the last 2 days at home, and it's been GREAT!

Last night I got home from a swim with another friend, and set to work making pizza for Jackie and myself. Talk about yummy feast. (Wonder if it made the swim redundant? hehehe) Had one apricot chicken with cream cheese, brie and red pepper and the other had a mango and peach chutney with chicken, red pepper, cream cheese and avocado. Again... when it's so easy to make a gourmet pizza like that at home - I can't understand why we ever get so lazy as to go out and buy them?! hehehe.
After stuffing ourselves, we decided to go for a walk to get an icecream.

Now, by this stage it was close to 10, so we had to walk down to a garage.... figure by the time we got home, we actually deserved the ice cream!!! We also stoped and picked up a dvd.

I have no idea how I managed to stay awake.... I'd been awake till 3 the previous morning talking to a friend of mine on the phone - which was silly, but so good at the same time! I'd felt like a zombie for most of the day... caught abit of a nap, but kind of woke with a freight at the idea that I needed to be at the pool right then, so it all felt redundant?!

Regardless, watch the dvd we did.... Ains got home, ate pizza and watched with us... and in the end, everyone ended up in my room with great discussion about the next concert in the park, picnics, parties, and in the end, Dating and flirting!

Yes... I know, quite the conversation to be having.

On that note.... we were talking about whether it was actually Godly to flirt?! Opinions people?
And then, the classic question... how does one go about finding someone? And is it our job to hunt, or do we keep busy, and trust that God will do His thing? hehe.
I'll share my opinion later. I'm most curious as to what others think.

Right... packing, here I come.

God Bless you guys! And, thanks so much for the encouraging words.... you are all just simply AWESOME!


mreddie said...

Got another monitor for my computer (not the lizard) and it is much better. I went back to look at some of your photos of past posts and they look even more outstanding. ec

Using up the words.... said...

Mr Eddie,
I'm so glad you can see now! and thank you so much for all your kind words. Hopefully I'll get some good shots to share while I'm away this week.

Mella said...

Excellent question, it Godly to flirt?

My first reaction is that it can be - as long as "to flirt" is defined as to exude interest in another person in a charming and loving way, without resorting to sexual innuendo, etc. (Don't know if that entirely makes sense, just came off the top of my head...)

I guess, in thinking about it - our flirting should be Godly, because everything we do should be an act of worship and for the glory of God...even our interactions with others.

I don't see any reason why touching someone's arm or giggling (excessively, perhaps) or hinting that you're interested in someone can't be done in a Godly manner. =)

As far as finding someone goes...I wish I had more of an answer than "trust" and "patience."

A good friend of mine from college has been a prime example of waiting on the Lord for the love of her life. She'll be thirty soon, and has only recently met the man she's going to marry - after turning down several, not because she wasn't interested, but because God told her they weren't right.

Wow. Long rambling response. Hope it made sense! =)

Neo said...

CJ - I think God nudges people in each others direction, he leaves the rest to us.

So which DVD did you get?

And hey! Share that ice cream!

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo