Monday, January 23, 2006

monday monday... ahhhhhhhhh

Taken early one morning when I couldn't sleep

I'm so tired. Quite bizarre, because I have been sleeping. Dad woke me up early yesterday, which was lovely. hehehe. Actually, both my parents managed to hang up on me yesterday morning. Rude huh! Sounds like the puppies are just growing up way too quickly. Mum took some photo's the other day - so hopefully I'll get them today? They are climbing up and down the stairs now, and have figured out the cat flap on the garage door... so can go in and out with great flopping style, I'm sure. Wish I was there to play with them!

Quite the social weekend.... and yet, still very productive.
I went out and bought a cordless drill on Saturday! Yes... I feel complete now! (Check list.... relationship with God CHECK Cordless Drill CHECK)
See, complete!
Funny thing though.... 2 years ago, my dad bought my brother's a cordless drill each. I think I got a cd. And I could pretty much guarantee that my brother's haven't used theres, yet I've always wanted one! hehehehe. It's all charged and ready to go now. I'm putting up a shelf for this crazy area I've got in my room.... above where my computer is. Will be perfect for my work folders. :) That's the plan, at least. Painted the shelf yesterday in the colours I'm hoping to do my room in. Need to strip the wall paper soon, and get that all done. The landlord was fine with me doing that when I asked last year..... haven't mentioned again since actually moving into the house - but it's gotta happen. I want to paint the bathroom too. But think I'll just go ahead with that one, and do it for him. It needs another coat and a few holes filled, which is all easy to do. I'll just grab some white anti mold paint one of these days and slap it up. hehehehe. I promise, I won't really slap.

Benny came round on Saturday night... laughed at my proud drill, and then helped me cook up a storm. I love having him around. He's someone who is so cruisy, and just ready to relax and be an idiot with me in the kitchen. It was just one of those nights.... we completely stuffed ourselves, and were going to go see some epic drama filmed in India... but we got carried away, and before I knew it, it was after 9 and we were still eating and talking. Good night though!!
The movie can wait for when he's next up here.... 3 weeks? I've still got venison in my freezer too. He's left it for me, but do I want it? Do I even know what to do with it??? hehehe
Need to talk to him about it for Christmas next year though. :) My brain is working away.

Yesterday I caught up with a friend who's just gotten back from a month in Oz. I dragged her to church with me, and then it was lunch time! Poor girl was not impressed at getting up, when she was still living in Australia time zones. But, I think once she was there, she enjoyed it. Was certainly good to catch up with her. Swimming again tonight! :) (I even managed to get there on Saturday!)

Right, better get moving with the day. I still can't get any shoe to fit my stupid foot. Now just dealing with the itching and it being so swollen that walking on it is sore. Lawns are all cut though now, so shouldn't have any bee problems out there. :) What an awesome Landlord I have!!!!

Hope everyone is keeping out of mischief, and having gorgeous weekends!


mreddie said...

That is odd, my comment on "Crazy days" doesn't show in the regular comment section, but does in the compose part. Electrons must not like me.

Now that is a real woman - with a cordless drill and all!! I'm impressed - what brand and voltage is it? They will not be able to stop you now!

Two questions - You seem to describe what the word cruisy meant but is this a slang word in that area? My Webster's didn't like it at all. :) Second, what did you and Benny have to eat? ec

Using up the words.... said...

Mr Eddie ~ I wondered about the 3rd comment on crazy, but it's finally there today. YAY! :)

OK... I opted for a cheap drill at this stage, with only 12V, which is so unlike me, but with it came the prayers that one day I'd marry a real guy who would have all the tools already. :) Classic, I know.

Cruisy - laid back, easy going, and yes, slang down here. You'll have to educate your webster's. hehe.
We made a garlic chicken salad - lettuce, tomatos, cucumber, feta and pinenuts. I'd made some tabouli earlier that day in anticipation. and then grilled some kumara - which is kind of like your sweet potato there, with courgets, covered in olive oil and balslamic vinegar. It was all so good!
I was thrilled to have left overs the next day!
Of course, the company made the night, really. We actually had a pretty good heart to heart, and I felt better sharing everything that's been going on, and having that understanding. Helped that he doesn't make a big deal of my craziness, I guess. hehehe

Neo said...

CJ - Uh oh, lady with a drill look out!

Neo ducks

Hope you got some rest.

A little off subject.

Btw, if you're curious there is photo posted of me. I had to rush and get them up, another local blogger was trying to out me before I was ready to.

Oh well.

Peace & Hugs,

- Neo

Using up the words.... said...

Neo ~ you need to do more than duck, my friend!!! lol

Haven't been brave enough to put up the shelves yet. Later today, when I can be bothered moving my computer again. :)

Meanwhile... looks like you are following me around. hehehe


TaB said...

“Huh oh, looks like someone’s got a case of the Mondays” < had to be said hehe. Strangle me later..

you should see the power tools I have, and im not talking lady toys, these are all boy certified, that still sounds ugly.. are you a home reno-nut as well?
Does your place look like mine, 50 percent completed lol.