Friday, January 20, 2006

the remedy....

On this last trip I found a goodie.... yeah, while I was rummaging around the bargin cd bin I found one I'd been searching all over for: Jason Miraz, and get this.... $2.96!!!!
HAHAHAHA... I have to laugh when things like that happen, and it actually happens quite often.

So, the number one song from the cd I thought was quite poignant, following my last post.

"I, I won't worry my life away... hey. I, I won't worry my life away."

It's got to be listened to loudly... sung at the top of your lungs! :) It's a fun kind of song.

anyway... today has been better, though at one stage I jumped in my car, with the intention of going to the grocery store, and somehow just drove around. I guess, I'm feeling kind of aimless right now?! That, and being in a crowd does my head in. I can't believe what a head case I have the capacity to be. I've always been brave, and unafraid of things. Seems the tide has changed, and right now, everything seems to have an element of 'scray' to it.

I got an email from a friend today.... Jill is Tamati's God mother, and who I often stay with when I'm up in Nelson with her husband. They have an organic orchard up there.... and are both just super cool!!
Caught up with her, and her family when we were heading home on boxing day, and she challenged me with the idea of starting up some kind of business by next Christmas... We talked about it abit, but I left her to brain storm up some ideas, and said I would do the same before I caught up with her at the end of the month. It's actually been quite exciting to think about the different things I could do. She emailed today to say she's been thinking about it, and even more certain that I can pull it off, and there is a market just waiting to be broken into.
Sounds very wishy washy there, sorry..... but will update when the plan has taken some form.

Yay for the weekend, and maybe getting to sleep in? I'll go swim in the afternoon, I think.

Hope everyone is keeping toasty warm, and the weekend is sweet.

Arohanui. xx


Yours truly said...

Well, the warmth factor around these latitudes is about -25ยบ! Sounds like the words of that song work for where I am in life too! It's exciting to start new things, but perhaps also a bit daunting!
Best wishes for the weekend!

mreddie said...

Your song reminded me of the old one - Don't worry, be happy - now that one will stick in your head a while. It is supposed to be 71F here today - feels almost like spring - rain coming tomorrow. I know we still have more cold coming but the garden did cross my mind. :) ec

SkyeBlue2U said...

Swimming? In door or out side? Oh, gee swimming w/o a raincoat and boots and an umbrella sounds wonderful.:)

It's not a diary, it's a journal said...

Interesting day. Cool picture too.