Friday, January 13, 2006

sunset beach....

This was my first beach..... where Grandad taught me to catch waves and to body surf. Where I burnt my feet on the hot, black sand. And it was where I could go to get away from things that I didn't understand.

My grandparents had a bach (Pronounced batch - a kiwi beach house) at Port Waikato... where the Waikato river meets the sea at Sunset beach. Looking back, I was incredibly blessed. The bach was there to be used, and I was trusted to go up there with my friends for weekends. It was awesome. From when I was 16, there were 4 of us that would often head up there for a weekend of cards, fish and swimming. I think back to me being 16, and how it sounds so young, but I guess the friends that I was out there with were all older than me, and perhaps thats why I was allowed to go? (In hindsight I do believe that I was always the more mature regardless!! hehehe)

We had a blast. Nig and I took the Canadian out one weekend, and were going to row from up the river. Alas.... should have checked the tide before we had this brilliant scheme. It was coming in at the time, and the current was just too strong, and Nig being the army guy and myself - both pretty strong, ended up going across the river, and towing the canoe up the river to the point where we then rowed to the other side. It was hillarious. Such memories. :)

I had my 19 birthday there, with a huge group of friends, and it was the following weekend that the bach officially changed hands. I stood on sunset beach with tears streaming down my face at the loss. My grandparents had decided to sell... and I guess it was wise. They both died within the next year.

I'd not been back since that day until a couple of weeks ago. Alot of the old beach towns have become huge developed places now, with the old bach's been pulled down and huge houses put in their place. I couldn't stand the idea that the same thing had happened to the Port. It hasn't. It's pretty much the same little place, with the one dairy, two fish n'chip stores and wharf to fish from. It's really, quite perfect. While everyone around me is buzzing about buying a house - the idea of having somewhere else, where I can escape to grabs me more. I want a little piece of land, yeah... but I want it to be a place where people can run to, to breath and soak up life. Maybe I'll have both one day.... but a bach would be more my style now.

I was really the only grandchild to get to have those moments... my other cousins are all much younger than me, and I guess I've realised how much fun we would have had, or how much chaos it would have been later on - when we'd all ended up there for a weekend. hehehe.... but I would so love to give my kids - should I have any somewhere like that. :)


Bar Bar A said...

Wonderful memories! Grandparents are special people, sounds like yours are extra special!

This beach looks SO MUCH like one near me in Laguna Beach.

I love body surfing and Boogie you have Boogie Boards there?

Snaggle Tooth said...

I clicked for a zoom-in on that one, such a beauty of a spot, alright! I'd adore my own bach in a place like that, still not over-crowded is so hard to find these days.
My village is so crammed, I can't stand it. My neighbors yard is becoming yet another house with no land around it. I'm very grateful to have trees on one side, still.

Beautiful black sand! Ours is all the light-beige-type. I've seen pics of sand in Hawaii that color though. Volcanic rock all broken down by centuries of wave-action, very unique. Now I really want to go to NZ for the peace n quiet!

You're Grand-parents were great to allow you that experience. Thanks for sharing the natural beauty

Jayleigh said...

"but I want it to be a place where people can run to, to breath and soak up life"

You're a wise woman to realize this before you're old and completely stressed out and used up... follow your dreams, dear one!


Using up the words.... said...

Well woman ~ Yes, grandparents are the bestest!! It's kind of funny seeing my parents in that role now. My dad is so funny with my nephew... totally crazy behaviour. I love it!
Yes... love boogie boarding too. Lots of fun. I haven't done much swimming in the sea this summer - which is a shame. Normally I'm in the water as often as I can be, but it's still been kind of cold down here. Was gorgeous at the Port though!

Snaggle ~ I promise when I have a bach, you will get your own invite to come and stay!! :)
It's sad the way houses are getting more crammed in together, and the way people seem to cope ok without trees? I don't understand, and fear that the next generation will be clueless as to their beauty and grandure. I'll have to keep plating them! hehehehe.
The black sand, is pretty amazing!! But, so HOT in the summer!!!

Jayleigh ~ wisdom... tends to ellude me. But thanks. It's always nice to be encouraged. :) I'll just keep praying that it's Gods will.