Sunday, January 22, 2006

crazy days

I've been stung.
It's been almost 14 years since it last happened.... but it would seem, the reaction is much the same.


I would like to think that my pain threshold is up there. That most things don't bother me too much. But here it is. Being stung by a bee.... HURTS!
I admit, it was my fault for going outside without shoes on to hang out the washing. That I was not looking where I was putting my feet, and that there is/was an awful lot of clover on the back lawn. BUT.... wowzzzers, note to self, PUT ON SHOES!

Anyway... my foot is swelling at a rapid state, and my head is kinda swirling in a mild fashion. All up.... will not be looking for this kind of fun again any time soon.


Bar Bar A said...

OUCH! I haven't been stung in years but I recall the pain from it. I think feet are the most sensitve spot. Hope it feels better soon!!!

mreddie said...

Sorry about the sting, those can be painful. Do you have the bee we call the yellow-jacket over there. Working outside over the years, I've been stung by most all bees and wasps but this small yellow-jacket was the most painful. It leaves an odor when it stings and all their mates come and try to sting the same place - they are mean. ec

Using up the words.... said...

Well Woman ~ Thanks! I feel so stupid for going so nuts about it. Feeling much better today... just all puffy.
Hope your weekend has been abit of bliss!