Sunday, January 15, 2006

taking off....

This was one of the tunnels we walked through - a part of the old gold mine, which was running along from the stream in the other picture. It was such a beautiful walk. I used to do it every year with kids from summer camp. It wasn't the best track to walk.... and just followed a pipeline up to a water hole, which was fantastic for swimming in.
It's all completely changed now. They've made the track super wide now, where once, you had to cling to the rocks. hehehe. Yeah, i look back and wonder what we were thinking with all those wild kids. Still... good days.
The day we walked it was just perfect. Super sunny, but not tooooo hot. Alot of the walk is through bush anyway.... and the way the light danced through the leaves just left me wanting to explore more. It was stunning.

Onto today.....

I'm not ready!!! hehehehehe

Like, really not ready.

My nice clean room - not so clean any more. I spent Thursday/Friday doing paper work, and it's kind of managed to find itself nicely spread around my room. Of course, half of the paper work actually needs to come with me tomorrow too. I really need an office. hehehehe.

So... guess I'd better get moving pretty quickly. It's getting later, and it's an early start tomorrow.

I've got the camera packed, and I'm ready to go snap happy. Who knows what I'll find this time I'm out and about. Haven't actually booked my last night yet, either. Was wondering about trying somewhere different. We'll see. I do so like my little place in Arrowtown, but in a way, I do feel like I should be a little more adventuress. Can't hurt to try somewhere new once in a while. :)

Stories to follow, I'm sure.

Much love.

"Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts..."


Bar Bar A said...

What a great shot! I love this photo, you should have it framed!

Using up the words.... said...

Well ~ Thanks... I just had a whole lot of the pics from my holiday printed, but think that one missed out. I'm going to have to go through them and start getting enlargements. Now... I just need wall space :) Wondering about a couple of the stores that I deal with. I'm sure they could sell some of my prints. hehehe. WATCH OUT WORLD!
Hope everything is good in your corner.

Jayleigh said...

Um.... so what's tomorrow?

It is a beautiful picture.

And sometimes I hate it when they change things in the name of "safety" and "improvements" because they usually all it means it making it boring.


Have a wonderful week, dearie!

mreddie said...

Been out of town - back now. The photo is so symbolic of 'out of the darkness and into the light'. ec