Thursday, January 19, 2006


Everything aches, and feels upside down and round and round... and somewhere, i'm swimming amongst it all.
I'm home.... after doing the 14 hour day, and 9, almost 10 hour drive, which will not be happening again. It was just a silly idea.

I realise how completely irrational, and stuborn I can be when something get's into my head. That doesn't make it the right choice though. hehehe.
Will I learn to be wise? One can live in hope!

There were some moments of bliss this week though, and I should focus on those, and not just today - which started with torrential rain, and ended in tears which mimicked the rain pelting on the windscreen.
Also... not a good idea to drive when your dealing with rain and tears.

On that note... time to let sleep work its wonders.


mreddie said...

Glad you made it back through the moisture - of both types. ec

TaB said...

Like a bad cold, I’ll be back to read (infect?) the rest hehe.
I need to sit with a cuppa here, since you always have so much to say.
Yup, you’d look fab on my sofa saying it :)

By the time I return, hope the tears are gone.

p.s. I had to type 3 times that security code, suppose I do need glasses ALL the time :(

Jayleigh said...

bless your heart, darlin'

Bar Bar A said...

Rain and Tears on the Road. Sounds like a country song to me :)

Seriously, I hope your tears are dried by the time you read this. Tears are cleansing but dangerous while driving in the rain, glad your okay.

Using up the words.... said...

Thanks everyone!! The tears have dried up. It was a tough trip, and I had to really try and leave it up to God, and not jump in to try and fix it myself. Still not certain that I know what's really going on, but I think I've managed to leave it in His hands abit better than I have done - hence the problems.

And no rain today at all... got three loads of washing dried, even.

Tab ~ you know I can't wait to curl up in that sofa. I'm still scheming away!!