Friday, November 25, 2005

you've got mail.....

Yes, I'm still a HUGE fan of snail mail. :) How could you not get a buzz out of getting a note in the mail. It means that someone was thinking of you, and went to that little bit of trouble to say so with an envelope. hehe.

Call me old fashioned, I don't mind.

So, today... I got mail!

A PPP from my darling mother.

What on earth is a PPP? I hear you ask.

Pretty Picture Postcard.

My great aunt, who was a super staunch old maid, living over in England would always use that term with my mother and I.
Girls, I'd like a PPP from your next trip.

Everywhere I go, I try to remember the PPP. I send them to mum now that Peggy has died. I tease my friends when they head overseas, and beg them to send me one, but for some people - it's just too much of an effort. I can't hassle them too much. Come to realise it's just something that I get a kick out of, and I'm better to just send them to the people I know will smile. :)

My PPP today was from when mum and dad were in Australia for a couple of weeks.

Anyway... the above picture is my PPP for you guys. Little ol' NZ to help you get through your winter.

The journey has always been about laughing together, loving each other, seeking adventure, believing in our dreams and making a difference......

but sometimes we forget.


Neo said...

UUTW -Wow, pretty photo! Looks like a spot I'd like to visit someday.

Thanks for sharing!

mreddie said...

It's a large charge in my day to get mail as well - be it snail mail or even email. It somehow just says that someone was thinking of me.

Hope you guys are having a good summer down there. ec

Using up the words.... said...

Neo~ thanks. Funny, the weather that day was better than it's been this week - and that was months ago! Summer should be here now! :)

Looking forward to seeing what I can find while I'm away next week. I didn't take many pics at all last trip south - maybe this time.

mreddie~ nice to have you back. :)
hehe... yeah, I get a kick out of getting emails too... but there will certainly be a spring in my step if I find real mail in the letter box. Work will even make me smile. hehe
Could do with more sun, but can't complain. I prefer cooler weather anyway. Hope your winter is toasty warm. :)

Jayleigh said...

CJ you are such a beautiful soul. This post alone makes me glad to be your friend.

Now EMAIL ME YOUR ADDRESS so that I can get your Christmas card to you on time. OK?