Sunday, November 06, 2005


That would be the only way to describe the last 8 hours.... and perhaps.... WOHOOOO!!!

Andy had sent me a txt earlier in the week to say that he was planning a night on the beach with a bonfire for Guy Fawkes. I wasn't sure that I'd be up to it when I got home, but certainly sounded right up my alley.

So today.... the phone call comes through to say slight change in plans... but all good. I cruise round there this afternoon, and we head to the grocery store for supplies. Cause you know you need supplies when your heading out in the boat. :)

We get to the harbour, load up the boat, and take off. WHAT A RIDE!!!
Serious swells.... and Can and I got so wet in the back.... though I think Mike and Andy got a fair bit of water thrown at them too. We even managed to get airborn once. Hillarious, and exhilarating!

We finally got to our little bay.... had to share it for a little while - but not long enough to matter. We dropped off everything and warmed up before heading out again to try skiining, and the knee board.

More carnage than you could imagine... and way too much laughing!

Mike was hillarious.... had to catch him on video.... crashing around. I had a go... but realised afterwards that having the wet suit on just made it way too hard to get up on my knees. So, I zoomed around... and the guys did their best to try and get me off the board. Funny, painfull, and more water up your nose than you would ever want!

We got the bonfire going after all that fun.... huge roaring fire, which was actually way too hot for a while there! Had a scrummy dinner, and then even roasted marshmallows. Extravagent and brilliant!
It actually started to rain... gentle drops.... which we tried to ignore. I just wanted quite ready to come home.... still... we had to push the boat back into the water, as the tide suddenly vanished, without us noticing. hahaha.... but we managed, loaded everything up and headed for home. Got home at midnight!

It was a fantastic afternoon. Great people to hang out with... awesome conversation! Just so appreciated having a small group, and being able to talk about the more intimate things going on for us at the moment. I've missed being able to do that with friends. The joys of being away for work on my own I guess!

So, considering I had thought that I should really stay home and clean my room.... I'm so glad I went!!

Better go and get rid of this salt!

You have achieved success if you have lived well, laughed often and loved much!


Snaggle Tooth said...

Wow, makes me want a boat again! Sounds like a very nifty adventure! I used to have days like that here (Cape Cod) when I was a teen- Out for a picnic at the Sand-spit n a day of skiin.

Now always busy trying to pay bills or too tired. What a memory would've been missin had ya declined! I can picture your fun, thanks!

Using up the words.... said...

Hey Snag!

It was brilliant, and so much fun!

And yes... it was a gentle reminder that these days can't be taken for granted and that, while everything else seems and feels more important - Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing!


Jayleigh said...

What is Guy Fawkes?

That sounds like such a great time. Friends are SO the best.


Using up the words.... said...

Guy Fawkes.... a guy who tried to blow up the Parliment building in London 400 years ago. For some bizarre reason we celebrate by letting off fire crackers. :)

and yes to friends....
they are the BEST! :)

Hugs flying back your way.

TaB said...

You celebrate nov5 in NZ? Crazy hobbitsis, tricksky hobbitsis silly hobbits hehe
They do over here as well, well at least in the east. I sure miss it, when I was little we would pinch anything that wasn’t strapped down to burn, and some doors too :)

Sounds like you had fun, but then again you ALWAYS have fun!