Thursday, November 24, 2005

sorrow mixed......

I don't want to dwell.... but I do want to remember.

So the story begins.

"Sooty" was a not meant to be.

I guess I should start from the beginning, somehow? Bare with me.

When we moved from Canada back in '85 my parents decided to bring along a couple of horses. Yeah... cause what's a huge move without a little more chaos?

So, we found the perfect subject; JMF Beam Song (aka Tui), for such a move at the Calgary Stampede. Yeah, it really is a great place for abit of shoping. hehe.
My mother grew up with horses, and is a little mad on them. While in Canada she found the Morgans and eventually discovered there were none in New Zealand. What an opportunity!

When we left Canada, they had organised for Tui to be sent to NZ.. of course, at this stage, my dad was staying on in Canada to look after packing and everything. He decided to do one better than my mum and bought a colt to keep Tui company. So.... in Jan of '96 JMF Royal Secret (aka Secret) landed on the good old Kiwi soil with Tui.

The two have been a fantastic match... Tui's had 13 foals, inbetween doing combine driving with me, and all the pony club chaos you would ever want in a lifetime.

I had outgrown my first pony, and while I used to ride Tui, she was always in foal, so not available for all the madness year round. It's not alot of fun having to ride around with a foal following.

Anyway... for the first time ever, Tui didn't get in foal. The vet had come and given her a negative pregnancy check. This delighted me, as I'd been doing alot of riding since her last foal was weaned, and I think we'd even been working on breaking her into driving then too. So... Tui and I were matched and best buddies. In fact, I doubt very much that I would have gotten through that year with any sanity had it not been for my daily rides.
Poor Tui is your typical Morgan.... one that needs no grass to survive. Put her on the spring grass and she'll blow up, and just keep eating until she explodes.
That season, the horse was in her "Jenny Craig" pen, ALOT! We were doing show hunter, and alot of jumping... and for the first time I was getting it. Feeling brave enough to go higher and higher, and know that Tui would fly with me. :) It was all awesome!
Anyway.... while a little stumped about her never loosing alot of weight we just kept tripping on.

One night, I was heading off to pony club... standing in the drive, ready to ride off, when mum suddenly looks under her, and gasps.
Tui had bagged up.

I jumped off... and looked, and no doubt, screamed!!!

5 days later, little sooty was born.

My poor, beautiful mare had been starved all year, worked really hard and all the while, was in foal.

Tui has always liked company when she's foaling, and is always really easy.... so I sat and watched as my poor foal was born. Amazed that she'd managed to carry full term, and not abort it earlier since she was no doubt lacking alot of nurishments all the while.
Needless to say, Sooty was tiny, but everything was fine. I'd got a pony from Tui and Secret. :) She grew to be 14'2" which is the perfect pony size, and was going to be great to drive.

As she grew older she was identical in looks to Tui... just a smaller version, and with such an awesome heart and personality. She nearly died when I first got back from the States, from Colic, and getting a tear during an examination - but somehow trouped through all of that, to the absolute amazement of all the vets that were dealing with her. It became a case study at the University.

She had one foal earlier, who is still around, so that's something.

I declared after that fiasco that I wanted to ride the stalions from then on. They couldn't get in foal!

I've only got two terrible photos that my mother sent me while I was living in the States, so a pic will have to wait till I'm up at the farm over Christmas. I really can't wait to get up there now. I just want to go hang out around all the animals and feel that all is right in the world.

Right now, it all feels a little topsy-turvy.

Can I hang in here till May?


Snaggle Tooth said...

What a story! The first Morgans in NZ, good move! Who can't use a hardy, all-purpose breed? Hard to believe no one could tell Tui was pregnant all that time, usually very obvious last 3 months of the 7, eh?
Sooty's luck just ran out, that's all. Lucky to do so well all the time she had. A sad ending for a tough horse! Tough for you as well.

Jayleigh said...

Awesome! I've always wanted horses, but my dad wouldn't let us, even though we had cows. :-(

You were blessed with Sooty while you had him, and I am still so sorry for you that he's gone.

Using up the words.... said...

Sanggle ~ Indeed, gotta love the Morgans... it's been a struggle to get people to accept the breed here, but they have been sooo worth it! :) I know... I starved and worked her pretty hard.. the poor thing. She's always been a very round horse though. hehe. She could look in foal anytime.
Thanks for the thoughts though.

Jay ~ cows are fun too... right? Did you ever try to ride one? hehehe. Over here we joke about tiping them over. Cows that is. Oh, and I've seen cows with windows in their sides too. crazy.
Hoping you are having a gorgeous thanksgiving.... loads of scrummy food, and great company.

Neo said...

UUTW -Yeah, great story! I've always wanted to ride a horse. You'll have to teach me how sometime!

jinsane said...

Sorry to hear about Sooty. I have such a soft spot for animals. I had to put my dog down a while back and it was the most awful thing. I know how you feel. Losing an animal friend is one of the hardest things to deal with. I'm sorry you are having to go through it.

Here's a big cyper hug and kiss for ya. XO

Happy Turkey Day!

Using up the words.... said...

I'm hanging out for a ride on Tui... bring on Christmas! :)

And sure... come on down sometime and we can take a couple of horses to the beach for a ride. :) It's pretty awesome.

Using up the words.... said...

Hey Jen....

Thanks... On the up side, our beagle is due to have her puppies at Christmas, so I'll be on the farm for that - which will be pretty amazing! I guess I'm realising how I need to be back on the farm, not only to be near my animals, but my family too. Time is precious, and I'm feeling like I'm wasting a part of it down here, so far away.

Hoping you are all good today!


Susanna Rose said...

What a story! I don't know much about horses or riding but that would be pretty crazy to not know your horse was having a baby/in foal. I'm sorry you're feeling homesick, etc and whatever may be going on in your life right now, know that God's strong arms are holding you tight and secure even when it all may seem totally out of control or whatever...

Jayleigh said...

Yup we always talked about tipping cows too, though my Dad would have KILLED us for doing it.

We heard about cows with windows in their tummy, but again, my Dad, who has a degree in Agriculture, said it was mean because it really shortened the cow's life, so he didn't want us to think it was so amazing. ;-)

Thanksgiving was amazing, and you're the gal with 1000 posts in a week so it will take me a bit to catch up!