Friday, November 11, 2005

Let all things that have breath.....

It's been an interesting week.... everything kind of swirled together and got lost.

Yeah - hayfever tends to make my world a little on the blurry side.
I am feeling better today. Less tears and sneezing. You think I'd get used to it all by now. But it always seems to just come from out of nowhere and bite me in the preverbial bum.

Tomorrow is a holiday down here... the rest of New Zealand has to work, while we in Canterbury have our little Agricultural Show... showing off the bestest cattle, horses and sheep in the area. I'm sure there are even a few people out there doing flower arranging and cutting some lumber. :)

I shant be heading out to see it all. I much prefer the little country town A&P shows. Really getting to get down and dirty with the local town folk.

Instead, I'm going to be making my d├ębut as a portrait photographer. Yeah... not sure how that happened? My friend Jacx and her husband are heading over to see her family for Christmas, and they thought it would be great to have some decent pics to take over of his family. Plus, his little sister who was bridesmaid with me at the wedding last year just had a baby - and she'd love some pics of her too. Kind of exciting stuff... and nice to be of use.
Hopefully we can capture some moments... and not be too posed. I'm so not about portraits... I like nature and action too much. hehe. Catching people totally unaware.

On that note - I went and got a whole heap of the wedding pics printed today. So pleased with some of them. The colours are really great, and people gorgeous. :)

I'll have to get uploading them into another album -----> over there somewhere.

The wonderful landlord came round this afternoon while I was watering the garden to say he was going away for the weekend... could we please put out his trash in the morning, and check the mail. We've always said he could just dump it with our stuff, and we'd stick it out... no worries. He's a great guy, who's pretty good to us helpless females. :) Mows our lawns for us, while I'm sure he doesn't actually have any of his own. HAHA. His house is right behind ours, though we don't actually see a whole lot of him. Turns out while I was away he had a spa pool lifted over his roof, so he told me to go and use it while he was away. WOHOOO! Now that I have this wonderful little bit of info.. I'll be watching to see when he's away. hehe.

It's a beautiful stary night out there now, with an almost 3/4 moon... so I wandered down in the dark to find the spa, and then just kinda lay there. It had been a super hot day - but has cooled down a fair bit, and the water was just right. I could get used to that as a way to end my day.

I'm going to bombard him when he's back to see about doing some painting in the house. It's a cute little cottage, which is pretty cool. Two of us moved in the start of Feb,(the 3rd actually came from my last house in May) and I have to say... I just want to make it a little more homely. My room is an awesome size - but a truly GROSS colour. (Color for all you Americans) I'd call it Salmon pink... with a lighter pink .... YUK!

Now... I think I've put up with it for long enough, and while it does mean that I'm going to have to strip the wall paper on the ceiling... I'm prepared to do it!! I have visions of duck egg blue.... maybe some browns? We'll see. I'm actually waiting for ben to return so he can help me. :) He actually offered. I think he likes the colour as much as me. I'm just NOT a pink kinda girl.

Meanwhile... the bathroom could do with some work, and I'm kind of hoping to convince Ben to help there as well. I can't see the Landlord having a problem with saying yes... when I'm actually prepared to do the work, and am pretty skilled in that department. Figure that since I'm not moving now... I might as well really settle and make this place my own. I'll have to try and get some pics this weekend so you know what I'm talking about.

For now... it's after pumpkin time. And busy day tomorrow.

Is anyone else out there a fan of bedtime stories??? I can't think of a better way to drift off to sleep, then to have someone read to me. Totally relaxes me, and dare I say it - I don't think that there are many things that can do that. Not that I'm so highly strung, just always thinking.

People often laugh at me when I say I'll read to them.... and it's often kids stories that I pick out. When I was driving around the States and Canada with B we would read the BFG by Roald Dahl. Was always the perfect ending to the day. But then... that's just me. haha

Anyway... let me know, and what your favourite bed time story would be. I'm curious.

On that note.... one of my other favourites. A must for everyone to go out and read at some stage.

It's actually a Dr Seuss, but it was published after he died, and so the art work was done by a couple... oils, which I think are pretty cool! My Many Colored Days.

I'd love to type it all out - but you really need the pictures to go with... so I'll leave that for another day. :)

Toodles noodles.

Be well, and blessed


Morgan said...

Hi CJ!!! ugh--allergies are no fun! It's funny i never had them when i had a million animals and horses but now, just being me in the city, i deal with them DAILY and have to take a pill for ' fair. The Ag shows sound wonderful!!!!! I forget it's summertime over there, so I'm sure they are all in abundance.

Good luck on the photography thing!!!! sounds fab! ;o)
lata gata~

Snaggle Tooth said...

Allergies are quite the popular affliction everywhere. Hope ya find relief in non-dowsy meds like Loritadine soon. The natural cure, eating live-culture yogurt every day, works wonders if ya wait for it to work a few weeks.
I get the same symptoms from wild plants n some flowers, hate it when gotta take the fuzzy-wuzzy anti-histamines! I'm really grateful not to be allergic to cats, dogs, n horses yet! I am allergic to hamsters, used to have some. Allergic to most bugs also.

Bed-time stories, nice for ya to do for people. I'm terrible cause I'll leave the TV on all night, usually fall asleep to Video movie tracs, like the mellow tunes and voice.
Think the last time some one read to me at bedtime was a book called "Clifford" about the huge red dog. I used to read my horse book collection before bed when I was young. "Black Beauty, Misty of Chincoteague, More Horse tradin," ect. Then I switched to Fanyasy n Science-fiction for a few decades. I've read almost all the Stephen King books, but don't recommend them for bedtime!

Snaggle Tooth said...

woops! not again,

TaB said...

toddles noodles hahahaha!!!! My niece always uses that, how did you know.

so you suffer from allergies huh? I don’t at all thankfully, only thing that irritates me is pears, I break out in rashes on my arms?? Odd that. I still eat them and itch, but I wear jumpers hehe.

did you see the moon around oct 27th? Omg it was bright golden then it went really reddish, terrifying. I flew out that night with some apprehension. Just an erie night all round it was.

absolutely, bedtime stories!! I fall asleep with an oldies talk radio programme on, you know them old ones like “the shadow” and Charlie chan hehe, makes for some interesting dreams!! I wish I had someone to whisper them to, my niece no longer likes all that stuff, glad to know im not the only one who didn’t grow up.

Using up the words.... said...

Morgs ~
Aren't allergies so much fun. Even stranger that now... I have swollen feet! WHAT"S UP WITH THAT???

Yes, summer is here with gusto, and sunburn! hehe.

Photos turned out really well. (I think)

Snaggle ~
I called you smaggle earlier... sorry! My typos are everywhere, huh.
I'll have to give the yogurt trick. I normally eat alot of it while I'm away anyway... but will make more of an effort if it's going to help my eyes. hehe. thanks!
Allergic to hamsters. That just sounds so funny.
I remember Clifford. Was always a favourite with the kids at school. :)

Tab ~ haha... so bedtime stories in the house too. Sounds like we might be the perfect flatmates yet.
I missed the moon last month, but have been enjoying it this month. I love those erie nights, and the orange glow that it has on those nights.