Monday, November 14, 2005

next, please.

Leave tomorrow... rather, today for the next big adventure. Wohooo.. bring it on I say!

So - just thought i would leave a note to say... SEE YA at the end of the week. It's always funny catching up on all that has gone on while I've been gone - but i'll manage.

Just booked my flights up to the farm for Christmas. Brilliant stuff! A friend of mine, and previous flatmate is actually flying up with me, which will be fun. She and I have kind of drifted apart since I moved out of the house, so this will be an exceptional opportunity to catch up and have an adventure all at the same time. So looking forward to it. And to top it off... she just said this is the first Christmas she's actually looking forward to since moving to NZ 6 years ago. :) I know she'll have a great time with my mad family. Don't know anyone who hasn't enjoyed coming along to our family Christmas'. They really are a great time for everyone, and there are always strangers who have been picked up to come along. She'll fit in perfectly. Plus... she hasn't seen a whole lot of the North Island either... so that will be a big bonus.

Hoping that I can borrow Dad's car, which the poor guy never seems to actually get for himself... always being taken off by someone else.

I haven't heard how their trip to Australia was yet. In fact, not even sure when they are getting home yet?

Right... sore throat, and it's already late enough.

Have a great week!


If the traveler expects the highway to be safe and well graded, he might as well stay home. The little roads without numbers are the ones I have liked best, the bumpy ones that lead over the hills towards vicinities unknown.


Morgan said...

HI CJ!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I've kinda fallen off the face of the earth for a week...eek! How are you?? So you're off again, eh? I can't wait for my vacation time--next week for Thanksgiving, my family is all meeting, well, most of us, in Washington DC where my brother lives. i can't wait! And then in January, i have 2 weeks where I will be lounging aroundin my mom's house in Georgia in my PJ' it.

So what does Arohaniu mean??

Lata gata!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Adventures are good! Have fun on this week's trip.
I tend to only do one-overnight travel lately. I don't have anyone to feed the cats while I'm out. The price of fuel has kept me in more this year as well.
Happy trails

Jayleigh said...

Feeling so much better after having had surgery two weeks ago. Sorry I haven't kept up with you.

**hugs** Have a great weekend!