Saturday, November 19, 2005

bicycle built for two......

I was driving along the Kaikoura coast... minding my own business, when suddenly... yes, suddenly from around the bend comes a guy riding a penny farthing. OK... not exactly what you would expect to stumble across on State Highway one. But it got funnier.... they kept coming.
Turns out they were touring the South Island on these things. Yes, you too could tour New Zealand on a penny farthing. How much fun would that be, once you figure out how to ride the thing! :)

It was a beautiful sight, and certainly brought a smile to my face... especially to see some of them in costume to boot. Pity there was nowhere for me to pull over and snap a picture of it all. I promise, it wasn't a dream though.


David said...

newzealanders REALLY are different!

Jayleigh said...

Cool! But why do you call them a penny farthing? I thought they were just "those old fashioned bicycle thingies with the huge wheel in front and the tiny wheel in back."

Using up the words.... said...

Too funny!!!
Believe it or not - as boring as it may sound, they are just called Penny Farthings.

Dave.... different? NZ'ers? :)
Wouldn't want it any other way!

Snaggle Tooth said...

Jayleigh seems to have called it what I would, exactly!
Sounds like a parade, that's the only place we get to see them!

Using up the words.... said...

My flatmate has a really good friend who has a HUGE collection of old bikes. Several of them Penny Farthings. We're supposed to be doing a bike ride around the city centre sometime soon - all dolled up for it too. Going to be crazy, no doubt abit of chaos, but sure to bring the laughs!