Friday, November 04, 2005

back.... at last

Got home from "South" to run off to a meeting for this concert. I've gone and postponed it all until Feb. Slacker, I know!

Anyway.... the week away was all fairly un-eventful. The weekend before the week... WOWEEEEE!
It was a gorgeous day... perfect weather... didn't rain, but overcast, so should be great pics. Mine weren't fabulous, but I was kind of distracted by alot of other things. Decided it really was better to catch up with people than hide the whole night behind the camera. Seems I did find my outgoing side... at least a littlebit.

Kirtin was gorgeous, and Dave... besides looking super handsome, he gave the greatest speach. All grown up.

He and Tamati came out to the farm for dinner on Friday night, which was super special, and what I really wanted. Our last dinner as a family..... though Alex ended up elsewhere. The boy is abit absent minded some days. It was great to catch up, and just hang out for a little while. The next day wasn't too much of a mad rush, though I was given the job of running into town, getting calf milk powder, picking up J&J from the airport, and grabbing the asparagus for the next day. Yeah... the joys.
Dad just joked the whole time saying that surely I knew not to expect a holiday whenever I was up there!

I only got to have a little time with my baby - She had to have some hoof extenssions put on, and I was away while that was all happening, but I gave her a good scratch before the farrier got there to do it all. She's much freindlier now... and loves being scratched. Love song is still the sweetest thing though.... not nearly as pushy as Tui gets some days. So, I didn't get my ride in!
Next time? I'm heading up for Christmas. Still waiting to hear about the job thing, but pretty much need to book my tickets now for that. Was just master minding how my brothers and I should maybe paint the house for mum and dad over while I'm up there?! Think that would be a pretty awesome present. Will have to talk to them about that one. If we could have two weekends, we'd get it all done... and would be good bonding time too. :) hehehe. Cunning, I know!

On that note... I'm off to go snore. More sleepless nights this trip... and have a sore throat thing going on.

Hopefully everyone has had beautiful weeks!
I look forward to catching up on it all tomorrow.

Arohanui. xx


Jayleigh said...

Sounds like a lovely time, and the pics are excellent!

You are cunning for making built-in bonding time, but hey! We HAVE to do that or people accidentally slip from our lives. Not a good thing.

I'm daydreaming about having Christmas in the summer... parties at the beach on New Year's..... I guess the grass IS always greener on the other side of the world, isn't it?


Glad to know you're back!

Using up the words.... said...

Hey Jay!

Thanks for the notes... it's always so nice to find them on here from you.
Christmas in the summer is so bizarre! I'm still not totally used to it - though we do have a pretty competitive golf tournament every year for the family. Guess that wouldn't be so easy in the snow. hehe
Yeah... I know it was cunning... I don't really like my chances of convincing the brothers. They're not really into painting. I'm probably the most practical out of all of us... how that happened.. i don't know!

Hope you are feeling all better now!


TaB said...

You are one incredibly busy and active chick-a-roo you know. smiling all the way through it, I need some of that juice hehe.

The wedding looked great and you shone, p.s. lots of good looking lads there too!