Friday, June 02, 2006

Just breathe.....

Finally got the pics uploaded. YIPEEEEE... there were some beauties hiding on the camera, so I'm glad I've finally got them to stick up. :)

Week end, more applications out there, and the more I think about it - while I'm applying for Wellington, I really believe that if God wants me there, he will provide a job for me before I move up to Hamilton - but right now, I'm going to be walking in faith, that it's where I'm meant to be going.

I'll keep applying for jobs in both places, and trust that doors will open, doors will close - but I this job has to come to a close. I'm becoming resentful at what is going on, and while I've tried to remain positive, and I've written a letter to express how much potential I feel the company has, they are not keen to act on any of it until much later in the year. I can't keep going now.

So... I think a time of fast and prayer over the weekend, and then Tuesday, I'll hand in the resignation letter, unless God has shown me otherwise.

It's exciting though.

Sadder news.
My dear old mare; Tui who just had her 21st slipped her foal the other day. She would have been 5 months along. The placenta was infected, probably for a while - which was just heartbreaking. I had been thinking that I'd be able to do the show season with the foal - which would have been so much fun. I'm not sure that we'll try for another foal. I guess wait and see how Tui is doing come Spring? She's so old already. hehehe. But hey, if she's not meant to get in foal?
Today, our dear old goat Bindy died too. She was such a character! Thinking about it though, she must have been 12 years old? I mean, that's one old goat! She was Tamati's pet goat for calf club back when he was at primary schoo.... and he's 25 years old this year.
Still, very sad. The goats all live right next to the house, and she was always the boss of the bunch. Crazy horns, but such a character! Would always come running when you called her.

So... much is happening up there. I feel far away, and not enjoying it much.

Still... working on the timing thing. His, not mine.

Oh... and, some dear sweetie brought back some rootbeer for me. How absolutely awesome is that!! hehehe. I'm going to be sitting back and drinking that later tonight! :) You have no idea how I shall relish every drop. FUNNY, the things you miss. I even found Reeces peanut butter cups the other day. Didn't buy any, but at least I know where I can find them. hehehe.

"Your talent is Gods gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back."
~ Leo Buscaglia

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