Thursday, June 15, 2006

snow.... lots of snow!!!

I'm down in Queenstown, staying with benny, so trying to type this on his laptop, which is cool, and yet, so strange. The keys are all in slightly different places! hehehe. But, it means that I get to sit in front of the fire, and be all cosy and warm while I think about the week that's been.

Monday saw LOTS OF SNOW. It was gorgeous. Of course, when it snows here, everything grinds to a holt, cause we don't know what to do. It's hillarious! We don't typically get any snow, though have to say that over the last 3 years we've had one dump. This is very early though, and pretty severe. So, it was snow day. I was supposed to head south, but all the roads were closed, so had to stay home and bake. Wasn't going to complain about that one. The next day, the main road south was still closed in certain areas, but I figured I would risk it. Since the sun was out now, I hoped that I would get down to a point, and things would have cleared by late afternoon.

Driving down was like a winter wonderland. The only gutting part, was that they've only managed to clear basically one lane either side, and there wasn't anywhere for me to pull over and take pictures. For New Zealand, it was amazing to see so much snow so low. Of course, because it was so extreme, there are still an awful lot of places that don't have their electricity turned back on, 5 days later...... and we've got more snow on the way. In fact, I don't know how I'm going to get home tomorrow?


Anyway... hopefully there will be pics to post upon the return. Next week is up north. This weekend... Packing furiously! :)

Hope all is well over yonder.



Godzheart said...

Hey, I came across your blog through Jayleigh's blog. The first snow is like sleeping in the night and waking up to a totally new world. Its beautiful.

Take care.

Yours truly said...

How adventurous! And just when I am basking in the long-awaited summer sunshine, you get a dump of snow! Tell me though, are the days still a good length, or do they shorten too?

Have a great weekend!!!

Using up the words.... said...

Godzheart~ Thanks for stoping by! :) Always nice to get visitors!
I'm wondering if that was our first and only snow for the winter. We don't normally get any at all, so it was a super special treat. I miss it alot here.

Yours ~ hehehe... I love the idea of people basking while I'm freezing my toes away here.
Days are short... much, much shorter than in the summer. Of course, the whole switching from daylight savings doesn't help.
Hope you had a gorgeous weekend! How is that hair style going????