Friday, June 02, 2006

up the hill.....

And here you have it.
If you drive to the top of the Crown Range Road.... one that my boss was not too thrilled about going up, but by far the fastest and most spectacular way to get to Wanaka - you get the most stunning view at the top of the switch-backs. I love it!


Jayleigh said...


mreddie said...

Great views - would love to see it in person one day. Mountains seem to really charge my mental batteries. ec

David said...

very pretty
i posted some hiking pics of my mountains

Snaggle Tooth said...

Is that Mount Cook in the back there?
Beautiful valley with mountain-walls view to bring out the height feature of the space in your pix, bet that was the normal cam-lens, too - not a macro, eh? Good job!

Using up the words.... said...

Jayleigh ~
Thanks. These pics don't really do it justice, but I had to try.

Mr Eddie ~
I'm the same... mountains are like fresh air in my world. And a new peace just envelopes me.
YES! A must to see one day. hehe. Let me know when you'll be out this way. hehehe

David ~
Oh... summer, you lucky thing. Though, I love all seasons, so can't complain, though my fingers are forever numb when I'm typing. hehe.

Snaggle ~
Mt Cook is actually in the other direction. Those are the Remarkables. Good name, huh! :)
I'll post a pic of Mt Cook soon though. And you're right. I took some with the Tele lens, but just miss out on so much. This just gave it abit of the grandness.
Hope you are all good!

Tim Rice said...

This is marvelous. A great place to go to get away from the world.