Wednesday, May 31, 2006

mid week....

Wednesday afterrnoon... and I'm sitting on Jill and John's computer... not literally, of course!
The late afternoon sun beams are scattering around the room, and the view from here of the esteraury down bellow with a backdrop of the mountains makes me catch my breath.

and there is a peace.

I picked up the Purpose driven life before I left on this trip... skipped to Purpose 3, which seems to be the one that catches me every time. To be Christ like.

Today.... day 26, and I was just reading about the gifts of the Spirit - how was are always faced with the complete opposit to see what we will choose. To be faced with uncertainty, to be anxious, to worry..... I'm not meant to!

So, i'm practicing.... but I want to be active at the same time.

I'm just writing a covering letter for a job up in Wellington. Again - it's Wellington, but it's also perfect. At least, from what I know right now. So.... I'm actively seeking God, and praying his will, not mine. Again, that the door would swing wide, or slam shut now.

I got the call from the boss, who had very little to say. The owner of the company has written to say that he 100% commited to the changes that were meant to take place at the start of the year, but that he's delaying everything until September. I've voiced my opinion. I understand where he's coming from for the rest of New Zealand - but I can't do any more. I can't imagine what I would have to do until September.... twiddle my thumbs? I really do believe that there is a huge amount of potential for this company - but I've given all that I can with all that I have.
It's been an interesting experience, I've learnt a huge amount, but time for a different challenge. :)

So.... prayers would be appreciated. I had wanted to resign tomorrow - but think it would be foolish to do that without a job, especially when it would seem that i may end up in Wellington yet. I wish I could say that I felt God wanted me to move up to hamilton regardless of the job situation - but i don't know?
Is that faith in action, or foolishness?

So... trusting for peace, or open doors, wisdom through it all.

There you go... not much going on, huh. hehehe.

I'm just charging the camera battery - and then I'll be out there snapping away the sights. Hopefully I'll have something to share when I get home.

Peace and Joy!



mreddie said...

Sometimes these things are a bit like stepping off into a black nothingness, trusting that God will either supply something solid on which to stand or wings with which to fly. The main thing is that He is always there when we call out to Him. ec

Using up the words.... said...

Mr Eddie ~
I'm all for soaring like an eagle. :) And yes, happy to let him be my strength in all this. It's certainly drawing me closer to him - as corny as it sounds.
Thanks for the encouragement - as always!