Sunday, May 14, 2006


I'm been so super busy this week. I've got my boss coming on this next trip down south, which is going to be interesting. Prayers appreciated. I haven't ever had anyone come along with me on a trip - so I'm a little scared that I've maybe gotten too comfortable and he'll tell me I'm doing it all wrong?!

Applied for a job the other day, and had a phone interview yesterday, which was pretty exciting. They Lady was lovely, but they already have someone lined up for the position - so I'm really only a candidate if things go terribly wrong on Monday. hehehe. She'll email me to let me know. Prayers there too. :) hehehehe

Other than that... life has been filled with moving stuff, and trying to be organised. Looking around my room, it's not looking like I'm getting anywhere. 7 weeks to go! No idea how I'm going to get everything up to the farm, if in fact that's where I'm going.
The job I applied for is actually in Wellington. Had me scratching my head, really. I was convinced that God wanted me to be up on the farm, but this job is what I've wanted, and to get an interview the day after I've applied for it... put a spin on my world. I just figured I had to apply, and it would be good practice, plus meant I had to get my cv all organised.

So... praying for a slamed door, or one that is flung open on this job. It would mean that I would be covering all of the lower North island, which takes me to 2 hours south of the farm, so I could cruise home in the weekends. At least I would be in the same island. Wellington is only 6 hours south of Cambridge.

My car was broken into yesterday.... with all my samples stolen from out of the back. And how knows what of mine is missing? my change purse has gone, and they took some cd's, my sunglasses.... I pretty much live in my car, so I'm just so thankful that it didn't happen while I was away traveling, and that my car went in for a service on Monday, so I pretty much cleaned out all of my excess stuff before that. What a blessing my camera wasn't in it!!!

Unfortunately, I don't have home and contents insurance, so I'm really just praying that the company's insurance will cover all the samples that were in the back of the car. It's my own fault that my things won't be replaced.
I was just in shock yesterday... I can't for the life of me figure out how they even got into the car, and when it happened? So, reported it all to the police, and called and left a message for my boss, will have to face the other boss with it all tomorrow. Not looking forward to that one.
Just gutted!

It was a day of highs and lows yesterday.

On that cherry note.... I need to go and warm up. My room is feeling more like a freezer. hehehehe. Winter has arrived! And NZ houses just aren't built for it.

Hope everyone is doing well over the other side.

Much love, and warm fuzzies!


"There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than for bread."
~ Mother Teresa


Jayleigh said...


You are such a dear. My prayers for you with the boss and the job and the move and...... everything. Especially being broken into. That's NEVER happened to me, thankfully, and I pray it never does.

Using up the words.... said...

Thanks so much Jay!!
I'm sorry I've been so dispondent, and vacant lately. You are such a dear to check up on me though!
*hugs* and prayers flaying back at you!

Jayleigh said...

**more hugs**

You've been just fine dear one. I think everyone's been busy.

Take care of yourself.

mreddie said...

Good to see you posting again and so sorry about your misfortune of your space being invaded. Hopefully facing your boss won't be too traumatic. We were out of town all last week at the daughter's in Tennessee, they went on an anniversary trip and we kept the young ones. May you have a great week and God's will be done about your job or another one. ec

Tim Rice said...

Hope things are going better for you now. Having stuff stolen is always a downer.

By the way, I liked the picture you had at the top of your post.