Saturday, May 20, 2006

pj post...

picture I took at the Markets ages ago....

Had the longest day ever yesterday... and while it was long, I still haven't managed to make it to bed at a slightly earlier hour to make up for it. Silliness! (there were the two Canadian hitch hikers. From Alberta no less!!! I dragged them up a hill in the freezing cold weather to check out the lights of Dunedin. We ate our dinner up there.... it was brilliant! They however must think I'm completely mad. I might meet them somewhere along the way yet?!)

The trip around with the boss was super productive. Pity no one had bothered to come ages ago. He's left knowing exactly what I do, the area that I cover, and the absolute madness of it all. He's going to try and get the job changed slightly so that it makes more sense for the person down here, and to get the pay increased.
I should have bugged them to come down months ago.
Now... he knows he has 2 weeks to come up with something pretty impressive to convince me to stay down here. I don't like the chances.

The other job... haven't heard anything more about it, which is a pity. Still, means Wellington is too far away from the family, and in some ways, I'm relieved.
There are a few other jobs down there that I'll apply for tomorrow, but a few up in Hamilton, which is a better plan. :)

There was snow on the mountains... and everything just looked so picture perfect. I haven't had a chance to check out the few pics that I did take, but hopefully I caught some of the perfectness. I'll post some soon.

For now... into the sweet night.....

Listening to Joy Williams.... and the song of the moment: "Say Goodbye"

Say goodbye, say goodbye to the you I knew before, say hello, say hello to a new beginning

You're different now, you're different somehow.......


mreddie said...

Good to read a posting from you - wish you the best on the job. Sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. ec

Using up the words.... said...

Hi mr Eddie ~

Just got an email about the other job. No go, though they are keen to keep in touch in case something else comes up. That's encouraging.

Hope you've had a great weekend!

Jayleigh said...

The picture is brill. As are you, my sweet friend.