Saturday, May 06, 2006

in the land of.....

I'm home.....

at least, in body. I'm also away with the fairies right now.

It's been a rough kinda week away. In fact, I'm so emotionally exhausted, and ready to curl up and let the world just come crashing down around me. uhg.

The trip over the last week has been south and north... and talk about alot of driving. Today has been deemed a NO DRIVE day. Of course, today is also Saturday, and I'm about to head up the hill for my coffee, and chill out.

A hill or mountain is certainly somewhere I want to be when I'm feeling strung out. So I can watch the world go by.

Anyway. There are stories to tell, and things to catch up on - but for now, I'll leave it with a HUGE hello to everyone.

And.... one paper down! The 4 day course was pretty funny, though that in itself was draining. So hard to get back into the study frame of mind. hehe.

Blessings everyone

More people ask the Lord to lighten their burdens than ask him to stregthen their backs.


mreddie said...

Welcome back! Have been missing you and will be waiting to hear the stories and see the photos. ec

Using up the words.... said...

Hey Mr Ed ~

I'm sorry for the lack of stories. Life seems to have gobbled me up right now.
Hope everything is well over your side... and you are enjoying the spring!!